RJ And The Assignment / Press

“Be it turning "M*A*S*H" theme "Suicide is Painless" on its head, rendering it a limber vamp, or working through well-crafted original compositions such as "Winter in Chicago," Johnson ably dispels the notion of modern traditionalism being a contradiction in terms.”

“his playing is heaven sent……..Deceiving Eyes (the title) there may be, but your ears will ring true”

“A few of the songs have a hint of a modern R&B back beat, with just a dash of hip hop, which keeps the feel soulfully hip…….Impressive on a myriad of fronts, this guy has a spry touch on the keys, an inquisitive delivery, and the heart of a young lion in delivery.”

“When you listen to him in tracks like “Someday My Prince Will Come”, “Dolphin Dance”, or “Bolivia”, this is someone who understands the instrument, spacing, and just how to decorate the song at the right times.”

“The music itself is a mixture of old favorites and original compositions developed from RJ's eclectic musical interests, but with the strongest emphasis always on jazz. This is music in the tradition of the great jazz pianists, and RJ has the chops to carry it off with panache. ”

“RJ creates intricate and shimmering musical patterns on each of the eleven pieces that comprise his debut.”

“The pianist's solo is well-conceived and shows his fresh rhythmic sense and harmonic ingenuity, as he takes the melody down roads less traveled.”

“On this album, his piano playing is simply outstanding.”

“The term "real deal" gets tossed around a great deal but in this context RJ gives the term true meaning with his own sense of style and musical purpose.”

“This CD is dynamite and belongs in the attention of every lover of fine jazz.”