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“Music Review: Dan Rixon’s In My Head by admin Published January 6, 2010 Sarasota float-around guitarist Dan Rixon unleashed a solo project in December with help from a number of other local hired guns. The album, fittingly called In My Head, is heavily Pink Floyd-inspired, especially Wall-ish, with random infant squeals, droning machines and thunderstorms filling the breaks between songs to add some natural rhythms to the tight instrumentation. Rixon admits that Floyd’s sound has always had an effect on him: “They’ve been my biggest influence since I discovered them in high school,” he says. Rixon also attended Berklee in 2001 and his developed skills are apparent in the intricate reverb-laden guitar techniques he weaves together through alternate solo and riff. Layered vocal harmonies and Frost’s driving organ take you on a trip through drastic key and song structure changes. ”