Rivetta / Press

“And now for something completely different, Goth and industrial shall be our calling tonight. Fallout is easily the best club in Richmond, and while the forces that are the cherished Richmond.com reader want to do the safety dance and something that will not expand the mind, this is your chance to set yourself free. Low On Sanity are a local three piece of goblins ransacking industrial/electronic/metal music who bring out the sheer darkness of everyone’s tides of the moon. So what do you say, howl, scratch, and craw to this bistro of a band that has the glorious evil deriving from the Devil’s cerebellum? Virginia Beach’s hERETICS iN tHE lAB are a self described aggressive unforgiving industrial band, based in logic and reason, presented in live performance and recorded sound. I could not have said it better myself. Rivetta is a glorious one woman show that is a culmination of casual dabbling into electronic, dance, ambient, and noize genres.”

“One Way Richmond's Show Picks 7/18-7/20: Low On Sanity, Machine Chop Inc, Myotis, Rivetta @ Fallout 9pm. Free. 18+”