RIVET / Press

“You may have heard Rivet on their most recent EP, Naked Queen, or on internet and social media sites, but you’ve never truly experienced their sound until you’ve seen them live. The performance of these four rockers was off the charts and using an adjective such as ‘passionate’ does not do them justice or capture the full essence of the set. The guys in Rivet are truly one with their music and provide anything but a static show. From raging guitar riffs delivered while kneeling on the edge of the stage to performing out in the crowd, Rivet far exceeded this writer’s already positive expectation.”

“Last night I got the opportunity to shoot Rivet (LA BAND) at the House of Blues Anaheim, and they TORE IT UP!!! Sleight on vox spits out a husky solid tone. Mat Rile dominates his guitar. He is clearly a brilliant musician that has no limits! Tom Bielek on bass, keeps the heavy riffs of back beat and drives the band at the same time. Not to mention his vertical abilitly while playing. Dave Krause on drums is a power-house. Hard hitting, tempo driven drumming machine. These four guys are solid straight up heavy Rock!! I don't know why I haven't seen them before. Each musician has their own unique individual style of showman ship, and all the while forging straight ahead with a forceful punch as a unit. Damn I need some more of this!! They were second on the list of 6 bands last night, and not fit into there genre at all. I plan on seeing them again and would recommend you catch one of their shows”

“In July, after many misses, we finally caught Rivet at Boardner’s – Holllywood’s oldest bar, for a Tuesday night aka Club Kitty show. Been trying to catch up with this band so long. Nice name. And suits this band to a “T.” Hard, shiny and snapped on tight to your blue jeans with a little bit of sparkle. Solid Hollywood Rockers Rivet, self-described as “no frills, straight forward, heavy rock”- we agree. The R’s have been playing the local Hollywood hot spots – Loaded, King King’s, Boardner’s and all over the OC and Venice Beach, working hard for the money, so hard for it honey. We love the look; bursting out of his skin-tight tee like the Incredible Hulk and black jeans. And that sensational old school big-hearted voice from lead singer – Sleight Hammond who is very Judas Priest-y in his delivery coupled with their guitar man, Matt Rile – a born performer, bringing insane energy to the front with drummer David Krause, self described “Clown Car Driver” bang”

“I was fortunate enough to catch RIVET's set at The Viper Room a couple weeks ago, what we experienced was just "FIRE", this band was "ON FIRE", there was an especially LARGE crowd at the venue that night, especially on a Sunday.”

“Catchy riffs , in your face ROCK !! The stuff your mommy always warned you about ;-)”

“Also Featured Is High Energy Rock Band “RIVET”….One Night After The Summit, I Stopped By Molly Malone’s for Their “Insane Halloween Rock Show”…..It Was BANANAS….The Crowd Was Literally Bouncing Off The Walls And So was the Band hahahahaha :O))”

“Woohoo check out “Rivet!” these guys jam… Based out of Los Angeles California this four piece hard rock group is coming out to make a name. We have been listening to their music on the Official Reverbnation page to songs like “Bad Boy“, “Dirty Dog” and many more and just diggin’ it! “Rivet” comes to you like a freshly minted new-wave MotorHead reincarnate with some extra bonus tunage! Loving the vocals by “Sleight”, seeing him start up their song “HEY!” in their YouTube video rehearsal, this song has some power to it. The band as a whole, have a strong rhythm, nicely structured music, and the whole package can just cause a shredding mosh. If you haven’t heard of “Rivet” before now, we highly suggest you give them a listen. Rivet being that they are based out of Los Angeles (the dog eat dog world), somewhat brings a new flavor to the table, mixing their old school influences into today’s music. In that specific music scene it i shard to stand out in t”