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“I rate this track a 10. absolutely great beat. Reminds me of ACDC from back in the day. Awesome lyrics. I hope to hear more like this. 2 thumbs up. I could Jam all day to this”

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“The vocals are powerful, but I'd suggest putting a more prominent bass line in the song to help compliment the tingy sound of said vocals. Also, the production is sub-par to what other artists have put up on the site, so just make sure you work on that. The two guitar solos... pretty solid work but the second one was a little repetitive. Either shorten it or put in some variety! Bass solos are definitely awesome, thanks for putting one in the song”

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“The guitarist sounds like he's chillin out I like this song! His voice sounds AC/DC a little bit unoriginal but these days all music in this category is original so it works. I believe the drumming is a little bit boring, and unoriginal. They mixed this song very well I just don't really think this song would be popular..”

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“This song has an old time rock n roll sound. Really talented voice for this genre of music. Extreme ability to take control. The band in this do an excellent job of bringing it all together to make this song a stand out instrumentally. I love the bass solo in it. This is a fun song lyrically too. You could enjoy this song in your car or at a night out. Very good song and well produced.”

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“The beat of this song is awesome and I love the drums, very consistent to the rhythm. The man's voice reminds me of something classic that you'd hear on the classic rock station. I think the audio could be turned up a little, it's like his voice overpowers the instrumentals a little too much for me. I definitely think there is talent here and I still really enjoyed this track! A great rock song for the genre always includes amazing lead guitar and this group has it. I love the lead, very strong and well done!”

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“Strong beat, add of super nice guitar begins this. Artist of great rock genre ability emerges, with an awesome vocal quality and vocal style. Nice guitar pieces throughout. Melody is good, beat is great. And this is truly a rock singer destined for success. NIcely done.”

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“This song sounds like it would be a good song for a bar. The intro is too long to gain decent radio play. The singer reminds me of a bad version of ACDC. The song is mixed horribly, the instruments and vocals seem disconnected and they lack depth. The lead comes far to early, though it sounds good, a lead guitar solo, especially that long is better placed toward the end of the song when the listener is already really pumped up. This song was poorly written though it has potential.”

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“Word cloud THIS VISUALIZATION REVEALS WHAT EMOTIONS AND KEY THEMES THE REVIEWERS MENTIONED MOST OFTEN IN THE REVIEWS. THE LARGER THE WORD THE MORE IT WAS USED BY THE REVIEWERS WHEN DESCRIBING THE TRACK. electric classic steady guitar melody nicely high guitarist talent quality lyrics notes awesome solos singer intro loud beginning tempo rhythm tell enjoyable long instrumental mix original tune recorded beat bass rock amazing acdc clear style player boring backing instruments days solo radio strong tone drums love interesting drowned pretty lead”

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“ MikeWhitePresents lovin the tight, rockin eclectic sound you guys are making on these tracks..that full, righteous funk of "what the funk ever" is sparkling and shiny as gold! Wicked good groovin!!”


“No problem! You guys are great :) Keep it going and you'll hit the big time. Regards, Sebastian”


“'Greed' is a great song! Cheers from Dale in Melbourne!”

Dale Goodridge

“Nice work everyone ! I liked all 4 songs, especially "Greed". Such a fitting song for the times. ”

Foxman - Foxman

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“Appreciate the love, def show sum right back. Keep grindin! ”

“Hey! This is Christopher Ewing, Host of "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown". I'm writing you to say "Congratulations"! Your music has been chosen for consideration for airplay on "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"! I receive thousands and thousands of submissions for airplay from all over the world, and you were chosen from all of those submissions because I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now.”

“Dreaming in Waves Thanks a ton man, I really appreciate that! Listening to Coffee right now and really enjoying it; ultra-catchy song-topic and melodies. Hope you have a great week and keep in touch, -Anthony”

Anthony - Dreaming in Waves

“Kudos to Riverwalk! Loving your style! Nice and mellow but a good rhythm to it! Keep on jammin'! ”

Wanda Bridgeport, CT - Wanda from UB