"Come and Gone"... that"s the song that got me hooked =]

Michelle M. Papineau

“Checking out the new music! Really enjoying this album!!...Masochist gets my vote...”

Erik Arnits

“...I agree its a great CD, Great job”

Joe Sires

“Really diggin your new CD. Hasn't come out of my CD player since I got it. Songs 1 (Push Away) and 6 (Come and Gone) are my fave!! Badass...”

Alfie Roemer

“Listening to Riverpool's new album "Just a Dream"!! How many shades of awesome are there?: As many songs on this album! Rock on, boys!!!”

Connie Walker

"What started out with a modest plan has morphed into a runaway train. Following a direction determined by their creative force, with soulful vocals, edge driven guitar riffs and hard hitting bass and drums, Riverpool brings to life a melodic, heavy groove that separates the Riverpool sound from the masses and bridges the gap between metal and rock."

“Gritty, soulful stuff. Love the vocals, love the writing, love the sound. You guys are worth the listen!”

UFO Catcher

“Great sound guys,I look forward hearing more.”

Jim Dicker sr.

“Great songs!”

Roger Richey

“You guys rock! Great tunes!”

The Cronicles of Bad Butch

“WOW, You guys sound AWESOME!!”

Mary Graybeal

“rock and roll guys!”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment

“great music keep making the good stuff”

k grasseth

“Very polished performances and great harmony. With your sound you should be on a nationwide tour!”

Deborah Hamar

“Hey, excellent sounds! jamming to ya at 3 a.m.”

The Borden Asylum

“you have fantastic music i like it all the best”


“Killer sound man!”


“Great Music | Respect”

Rory Kenna

“Great sound, great band! Like!”


“Great record guys!! Awesome Vocals!!”


“Good stuff guys, "Feel The Rain" has a great hook.”

Crossing Zero

“Making hits. — with Carey M Thomas at london bridge studio”