River Lynch and The Spiritmakers / Press

“River Lynch and the Spiritmakers could be a lot of different genres, but we’re going to call them Americana. They have the ability to rock, for sure, but there’s also a driving momentum to their style that seems like it would be comfortable on the streets of New Orleans. In other words, the sound transcends what we think of as a typical rock outfit. The message of the song is spiteful and angry, which works really well with the aggression found in the guitars, drums, and vocal.”

“On "There Goes The Heart," River Lynch balances lyrical weight with instrumental dexterity and flight. The music, with or without the words, paints its audience and its needs vividly. That's right, Lynch is singing to you. There are myriad influences rearing their heads in the mix, like The Drive-By Truckers, The Bottle Rockets, and The Beat Farmers — bands who all sling the honky-tonk unapologetically. Lynch and his band harness the urge to horse it into the boat with a thick, juicy, and appropriate guitar attack, and leaves room for the songs to do what they do. This record is rockin' with heart and soul and just the right amount of grease.”

“You, young Man are honest, honest talent, honest sound, honest and connected voice. Bravo.”

Sylvie Perron - Reverbnation

“The timbre and delivery of the vocals evoke random images of Americana, it's a voice that takes you places as you listen. It's got "the ghost". I hope your'e ready for the big time.”

Mitch Morgan - Reverbnation

“Unbelievable...great songs and REALLY great voice! Played it through the house and everyone loves it! Good luck brother”

Mary-Jo - Reverbnation

“You possess something that seems to so lacking in today's music; truthful, insightful lyrics, great work my friend”

Eusini - Reverbnation

“River, you are like Eric Burdon. You have a voice that belies your age. It worked for him. And it will work for you. Great voice and musicianship!”

The C.R. Ecker Band - Reverbnation

“It seems you have that terrible disease that makes you look incredibly young for your years. Your playing is extremely cool and your lyrics and that voice are at least twice your age. GREAT JOB!!!”

Hemingway Christ - Reverbnation

"there goes the heart" is a hit! love that song - great groove and voice.

Attack Karma - Reverbnation

“Fantastic sound, really outstanding songs & vocals, keep up the truly wonderful work! You are a very gifted and talented artist. Loving your awesome tracks”

Robert Steven Hunt - Reverbnation

“Love your rock n roll and your original take on it. There goes my heart and Sun hit moon are great original songs that match your vocals and guitar playing. What talent!!!!”

James Emerich - Reverbnation

“There goes the heart is a great song with a great lyric detailing how the heart (and art) can be comprised by shiny stuff. Superb vocals and guitar.”

Last Day On Earth - Reverbnation

“Great songs! Great singing! Sweet guitar. Stripped down, simple, engaging. Nicely done”

Semi-Precious - Reverbnation

“Very catchy....Music grabs you and just pulls you in...Good work!”

Jeannie In January - Reverbnation

“Why aren't we hearing you on the radio!! DAMN son, you have an incredible sound here! It took one line of Sun Hit Noon to have my full attention...Your vocals gel with your sound beautifully, its' somehow familiar yet completely foreign, which tells me you completely own this! Can't wait to hear more from you! Much love and respect from Australia :)”

From My Bedroom Project - Reverbnation