River City Extension / Press

“River City Extension sing about all the timeless things: religion, love and death, with just as much forlornness. As Joe Michelini dons his Christopher-Nolan’s-Joker-sings-Bright-Eyes voice and the rest of the 8 member troupe take up everything from trumpets to cellos, the group faces intense pressure to produce something emotional, something witty - something good.”

“...a rustic cluster of rapidly flung riffs and erupting in an orgy of skyward horns and strings for one of the most enthralling listens you will have this year.”

“Though from the Jersey Shore, River City Extension boasts a welcome worldly sound. Hints of the classic "Jersey Shore sound" (pioneered by Bruce Springsteen and Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes) color their songs, yet the band borrows liberally from Americana, mariachi, blues and calypso to create a compellingly distinct hybrid all their own.”

Alternative Press

“...the band’s backwoodsy clamor sounds increasingly glorious. It’s the kind of secret that can’t be kept long...”

“The size of the group is a boon; its expansive compositions allow room for each instrument to gallivant all over and the various strands of passion to swell naturally...”