Rival Sons / Press

“The Rival Sons, named after the recurring theme of sibling rivalry that shows up over and over in history and religion, believes that modern rock & roll has become stale and homogenized, and that nobody seems to want to make it fun any more.”

“Rival Sons echo the best of their '70s ancestors (the spark scattering pairings of Bowie/Ronson and Page/Plant come readily to mind, with interestingly a small sprinkling of The Monkees to boot) and do the tradition of thumping, hormonal rock 'n' roll proud”

"If you guys were to write a book, what would it be about? Jay: If I were to sit down to write a book ... it would be the greatest book ever written ... and it would be $100 a copy. You would be so so glad you bought it ... but even happier you read it "