Ritual of Odds / Press

“I've played a lot of Greek bands on my radio show and Ritual of Odds is setting the bar very high. They are setting themselves apart from the rest of the Greek metal scene.”

“I can safely say Ritual of Odds has managed to blow me away. Listening to their music is like being captured in a beautiful musical storm shrouded in darkness and light. The opening song on the album, Ritual of 9, hooks you immediately with the opening rhythm of drums and guitar. Setting the pace for the album in a phenomenal way. The guitars continue throughout the song with a cadence that keeps the spotlight on the vocalist, who has a deep growl but enunciates so you understand the lyrics with clarity. Now that might sound like an obscure observation, but I can't tell you how many times I have loved a song, and I take the time to "listen" to the music so I understand the lyrics, but someone else doesn't "get it" because they cannot get over the growl. Which is probably how they got the title Masters of Melodic Death Metal, they certainly earned that title.”

“The sheer stamina of this band is something that helps them stand alone. Not just in the speed of the music, which they do very well, but in the overall energy of the album. Listening to their music is an organic experience, no two people will take away the same energy. You will both hear the same lyrics, but the meaning is yours to create. It gives you a healthy release for what society deems as the "darker" aspects of life, it touches on taboo topics and brings a light to them. I certainly agree that they take the fear out of those topics, you might not necessarily agree with what they have to say, but you leave with a wisdom, a different perspective on how someone else might see something. And it is through knowledge we destroy fear. Through enlightenment we destroy judgement. So if you are wanting to seek knowledge from the masters of Melodic Death Metal, then this album will certainly give you the knowledge you seek, with the musical fix you desire.”

“If you think that real Melo-Death comes only from Scandinavia, the calculation has been made without the good old Greeks, with their apparent "Melodic Death Metal Masters" RITUAL OF ODDS and their "Ritual Of IX". Imagine a mix of melodic death metal with thrash influences and a touch of allusions to popular culture and modernity in general.”

“Ritual of Odds will show you with Ritual of IX why they’ve been called the “Melodic Death Metal Masters of Greece”, blasting a high-quality fusion of harmony and havoc throughout the album’s ten unrelenting compositions. With such a strong background both inside the studio and on the road, it isn’t a surprise to anyone that the music found in Ritual of IX would sound so cohesive and energetic, reinforcing the band’s importance in contemporary Melodic Death Metal. Best moments of the album: Ritual of 9, Digital Hell and Why So Serious.”

“Hunt You Down-I really like the slow beat this song starts out with and actually builds it quite well. The melodies in this song are one of the reasons it is one of my favorites offered here. I really like how more visceral the vocals get as well its pretty damn cool. The vocals go full death metal during the chorus and it isn’t bad. This is really an awesome heavy tune. Even though it is more of a mid tempo, I dig it. Again if there is one more thing I can say I enjoy, it is the vocals. Just because I like the anger projected through them.”

“This [Ritual of IX] is a 10-track disc, which will quickly earn you a spot among your favorites. Strong guitars, energetic voices... will catch your attention by just playing the player.”

“Excellent song writing, stunning tunes! You destroy it guys!”

"Some kick-ass melodic death metal right there, courtesy of Greece's Ritual of Odds. Really enjoying this stuff. Kicks some major ass!"

Vinland Radio

“This band, Ritual of Odds, they're very Melodic Death Metal. They fit the genre perfectly!”

“Ritual of 9- This song opens with some pretty good melodies and right away gets into the more thrashy death beats. The vocals are really up front but are still a nice balance between death and thrash vocals. I really like the chorus on this song. Overall I think this is a pretty good song and shows that even at a first listen that this band is pretty tight and does some interesting stuff. I really dig where the tempo slows down right in the middle as well it adds a bit of variety before finishing strong with the chorus.”

“Noah “Shark” Robertson (Motograter/Ex-The Browning) states: “Patras, Greece… What a great find! The moment I heard “Ritual of 9” I knew this band was something special. They give me the same feeling I got the first time I listened to At The Gates or In Flames. They have all the elements of a melodic death metal powerhouse!””

“My personal favorites on this album are “Masterplan” and “Crocodile Tears” - both are well written, performed and structured and the Lamb Of God influence is apparent in these songs more so than others.The mix of influence suggests that the bands are accomplished musicians and are capable of writing a good song. Take for instance the way Masterplan starts and builds. The influences are obvious but it still takes talent to get the song. If you fancy taking a chance then you could do worse as Ritual Of Odds are certainly no slouches and have delivered a solid if somewhat understated album with 'God Is An Atheist'.”

“Ritual of Odds...displayed great energy and passion in each of their melodies, demonstrating that they are not in it for the fashion, earning the credibility of their tracks.”

“I haven't heard true thrash in a long time. Ritual of Odds definitely keeps me interested in the genre being identifiable and distinguishable from very appropriately enjoyed grind,black/ death metal. The poppy 1:05 and 3:25 is great . There's no way Nightmare on Elm Street shouldn't have a mass appeal affect for hardrock fans vis-a-vis Vinnie Vincent Invasion& Dokken,. Okay , so 4:55 is a good tempo for the riff change and then 5:19 the tempo crashes into the second bar of the outro lml ”

Nexis Hexus - Nexis Hexus

“Nightmare on Elm Street' an unexpected title but really good music plus it also happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. Very cool to listen to something that is away from the typical war or doom aspect and more based on a film, creative indeed in my opinion. On top of that at the 3:30 mark we get a haunting and captivating throw at the classic theme from Nightmare on Elm Street film.”

“We gave a complete live listen to Ritual of Odds album "God Is an Atheist". You'll enjoy these guys, heavy as hell with some great guitar and drums”

Migz - 13S Radio

“Well, (God is an Atheist) is a diverse album, incorporating Traditional Metal, and Thrash into their Melodic Death Metal approach, this is an experimental form of Extreme Music, that is still brutal and very impressive. They play a very complicated style and powerful at the same time, maybe i'm the only one that finds this band influenced by early In Flames and Dark Tranquility, but who cares what i think. It will definitely be worth your time!”

“Nightmare on Elm Street, is where things change up, or I guess you could say, they go back to true form in the Death Metal sense. This song is heavy, intense, and brutal. The vocals are, gritty, rough and demonic sounding. Yet as the song goes on, and it breaks down, it floats off into a melodic area, where we are greeted by a woman’s voice. Which works so well as the male voice hauntingly creeps in behind hers, before taking over again, but it doesn’t return to form, as it ends on a mellow note.”

“Nightmare On Elm Street...evolves in different ways, sometimes industrial, other times thrash, surprising with the appearance of a break in the middle acoustic saturation, and inherent in the rhyme that sounds nightmarish Freddie Krueger in a fantastic atmosphere. This is a title that reveals all the flavors able to offer what is Ritual of Odds.”

“From listening to Crocodile Tears, and many of their other songs you get a good feel for not only their dedication to music, but their passion for it. Every song is given just as much effort as the last, yet they all bring new emotion and energy. By far my favorite would have to be God is an Atheist. I thoroughly enjoy every second of guitar that shreds through this piece. I'm a big fan of the song as a whole, and think that it displays all the members' individual talents. I'm looking very forward to seeing these guys in their upcoming US tour and can't wait for the next CD from Ritual Of Odds.”

Daryll - Metal Master Kingdom

“These Greek Melodic Death Metal Masters really have grasped onto something special and with a little more hard work it won’t be long before more and more metal heads start to crave that hard hitting sound of Ritual of Odds.”

“...this is an excellent release by an excellent melodic death metal band. I hope to hear more of them in the future – on the internet, on the radio, even on a stage near my own hometown.”

“Each track from 'God is an Atheist' has it's elements of success and each of them leaves a mark of quality. A great effort guys! 3.5 stars out of 5!”

Antoine Raluy - Metal Impact

“Yet if you were to insist that I choose my favorite track, “Nightmare (On Elm Street)” would definitely be a candidate. Vocalist Kostas Fotopuolos easily goes from death growls to black metal screams, and a liberal dose of the not-quite-cleans that are so commonly found in thrash. The song’s haunting, childlike female vocals are a definite plus as well.”

“I don’t usually swear on album reviews, but I think this is a perfect time to do so….What the fuck does Greece put in their water? This album is off the hook! I have given this album a listen through at least 10 times now and it’s still fucking amazing!!!!! What I love most about “God Is An Atheist” is that none of their tracks sound the same and they aren't just a straight up death metal band, but rather, adding a hint of thrash, progressive and just in your face heavy metal. Everything about this release is top notch from the musical talent to the production to the vocals and am still trying to find a negative in which I am having NO luck finding. I usually will start talking about my favorite songs from the album that I am reviewing, but this time, I want every one of you to pick this album up and find your own favorite song. ”

Trevor Ronde - Underground Music Unites

“This Greek band has come up with a really cool album title - 'God is an Atheist'. I get a Sentenced without the melancholic side vibe from this album. This isn’t really death metal even if the vocals might lead you to think so. This one exist in that never never land that is neither nor. The land that is in between but not really anywhere. The land that can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be this or that. But it is just that ambiguity that makes this album so cool.”

“Ritual of Odds is influenced by almost every sub-genre of metal that you can think of, yet they make it all work within their unmistakable sound.”

“Lastly, we are left with 3rd Side of The Coin. A coin drops, and the band drops in with a blistering, stomping riff, and another eerie vocal take with the overdubbed vocal style. This song is a strong ender, as it pounds the listener’s ears with a fury of guitars and relentless drums. It then takes a nice turn as it lightens up, and we hear the melodic side, in which we’ve become accustom to throughout this album.”