“‎"* TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION split « Vision of Fading Manking » : very good Ritualization part, old school spirit... but Temple of Baal part is totally awesome. They crush everyone with no mercy, especially with « Heresy Foerever Enthroned ».... Seriously, it's the best song I heard in this genre for years." Wow, now that feels fuckin' good to read !!! Thank you Mr Wayne Furter from Wheelfall for your nice words !!!!”

“Okay, so what would happen if two of the most brutal metal bands in France where to join forces and forge an unholy alliance of musical evil? Well, this split, which features black metallers Temple of Baal and brutal death metallers Ritualization, gives you what might well be the answer to that question. ”

“Je me suis mis à écouter les titres des orléanais sans passer par la case Temple of Baal, histoire de voir ce qu'ils avaient dans le bide. Et des tripes, ils en ont, en fait. Il suffit simplement de rentrer dedans, d'insister un peu, et on capte alors tout l'intérêt de leur approche, sans doute plus minimaliste, mais tout aussi pertinente. On ressent finalement le même feeling que sur certaines production de death old school, et j'insiste particulièrement sur l'apport de la voix qui laisse planer une atmosphère venue d'outre-tombe. Au final, cette partie est totalement à la hauteur de celle de Temple of Baal, elle m'a simplement demandé un brin d'effort supplémentaire, avant de finalement y succomber et de la placer au niveau d'un Kaamos, par exemple. Deux groupes français à l'approche différente mais complémentaire pour un split à posséder absolument pour les fans de black et de death metal. (mardi 15 novembre 2011)”

“On the other hand, Ritualization have a pummeling old school, brutal death metal aesthetic about them that recalls Floridian legends like Deicide or Malevolent Creation. Rapid flurries of flesh branding mute-streams are glazed with brief, uncouth lead sequences and a vocalist that grunts percussively over the far more involved musical undertow. The production of their three contributions here is admittedly thinner and less fulfilling than those of Temple of Baal, but it works with what they're playing, and I especially liked the hustle and bounce of the bass lines and the mesmerizing, semi-technical evil melodies. What's more, in addition to their own pieces "Ave Dominus" and "The Second Crowning", they've covered "The Devil Speaks in Tongues" from the underrated Peruvian monsters Mortem. The song seems simpler in structure than their originals, but the production helps to breed consistently with the other offerings. And it's a great song...and a tasteful choice.”

“RITUALIZATION C'est au tour des "deathsters" d'Orléans de prend le devant de la scène. Ces derniers bénéficient de trois titres, dont une reprise, et donc d'un temps de jeu moins important que celui du groupe précédent. Dès le départ, "Ave Dominus" change tout de suite la donne, exit le Black pur, exit l'aura orthodoxe, exit les dissonance, exit les mid-tempo... RITUALIZATION fait du "death", et même si elle est parfois teintée de "black", leur musique est constituée en grande partie de death. Si le premier titre a assis les influences du groupe, le deuxième titre les affirme, en proposant toujours un death relativement dévastateur. Les influences sont ici également très old school. Le troisième titre est une reprise du groupe MORTEM : "Devil speaks in tongue" issue de l'album du même nom, fier représentant de l'underground "death-satanique" du Pérou. ”

“Next up is Ritualization who proves their steel in the realm of extreme metal. In a fast contrast not only in tuning, vocal style and song structure, but the whole approach, Ritualization enter with their first track titled “Ave Dominus” which starts off with a really thrashy feel to it, before it falls back to a more distinctive blackened death metal style. The solo’s and vocals do make it lean more towards the death metal side of things, where as the drumming has more of a black metal signature to it. Listening to it you’ll immediately associate these guys with bands like Angelcorpse, Infernal War, Hetzer and Incantation. The track has some pretty straight edged guitar riffs. The riffs are really good in terms of setting the mood, and then defined by the crushing of the hell hammers to give it that blackened death metal sound. The solos do a bit more for me than those of Temple of Baal.”

“TEMPLE OF BAAL/RITUALIZATION “The Vision Of Fading Mankind” (Agonia) Another split album comes my way. Is there somebody who’s trying to punish me? OK. I’ll be game for it then. Temple Of Baal are pretty intense death metal the way I like it. The way it was when I got into death metal back in the days (another referenced to my high age). I like it when the aggression is so there that you can almost touch it. It makes a change from all the melodeath (that I like too) that comes along my way. Ritualization are death metal too and they are just as intense as Temple Of Baal. Listening to them is like a cleansing acid bath. This is pretty much what the doctor ordered now that x-mas is just around the corner. This is the reliever for stressed out x-mas shoppers who are so fed up with all the other maniacally insane shoppers. Take out your aggressions by listening to this album. Two for the price of one can never be wrong (even though I’m not the biggest fan of split records). Ander”