R.O.E. / Press

“The show got off to a great start, as R.O.E. (which stands for Rise Over Envy) put down the most impressive opening act I’ve ever seen. Backed by a live band, The Soulvillains, the rapper from Chicago’s West Side jammed for five tracks, all of them well-structured songs with quality lyrics, moving bass lines and poignant keys. His energy was great, and though the crowd was light, he and his band filled the venue with pleasant, soulful music. If you’re not familiar, definitely check him out.”

“World, meet R.O.E…R.O.E.? World. The chap you see before you is from the city of hella haters, but like his acronym suggests, isn’t letting that deter him. Earlier, he approached the gawd in the tweets with the song underneath and surprisingly it won me over. How’s that for a long shot? Ha!”

“Another cocky Chicago backpacker you say? Well, yes, but this one eschews manic-depressive ups and downs for a more laid back cool. “I Won” is a platform for R.O.E. to display his own personality a cockiness that comes from a deserved confidence in his own rhyming talents. Over a mesh of horns and jazz guitars, R.O.E. goes in on a subject typical of the up-and-coming rapper, impending success. Like his Chicago forebearers, he’s adept at break neck rhyming with heavy enunciation, leaving the listener hustling to catch up. In truth, R.O.E. may not be a winner yet, but if he keeps dropping more tracks like this one, he’s got a few trophies in his future.”

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