Rising / Press

“I love my t-shirt I have been wearing it everywhere. I feel like I'm promoting Dio Rising as quite a lot of people have asked me who they are and did I see them and my answer to everyone was yes I saw them in Belfast March 9th 2012 and they were fking awesome. Considering the last time I saw Dio himself was in the Spring and Airbrake, then to see Dio Rising on the same stage several years later - they totally rocked the roof down excellent tribute band must see again so please hurry back to Belfast...”

Davina Hawkins, Belfast, Ireland - Fan Quote

"Dio Rising is a phenomenal tribute to one of rocks lost legends. I look forward to having them perform over and over again!"

Jomo Mulholand - The Greyhound, Fairbanks, AK

“A huge “Shout Out” to “Dio Rising" Hayley’s Bar & Grill had the pleasure of hosting one of their shows and would like to extend sheer gratitude to; Chad McMurray - Vocals, Al Nesbitt - Guitar, Mark Plog - Guitar, Michael Robson - Drums, Jericho "The Bass Monk" - Bass, and Jonathan Sindelman – Keyboards. The entire band is professional, polite, extremely respectful, and a delight to be around. They do their craft justice by playing Kick Ass, to the “Note” perfect Dio tunes! Thank you for being an example of how all musicians should practice their business. We all appreciate your kindness & talent. Always a pleasure, boys! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!”

~ Hayley and all the staff of Hayley’s Bar & Grill

“You guys are INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!”

“Hands down the finest Dio tribute band in all the land. If you like Dio and you get a chance to see these guys don't miss it! FUCKING EPIC!!”

“I saw/heard the demo stuff.OMG,I'm so psyched for the show:) Damn,this band is tight:)”

Michael Spear

““Dio Rising is well worth going out of your way to check out…for real. Badass””