Rising Appalachia / Press

"Rising Appalachia stands for everything that tends to get swallowed up in a slick and shiny society. It’s the rise of a past lifestyle that is still rooted to the land."

“The sound of ecstatically beaten drums was what greeted me on my first trip to Eyedrum and the energy of a happy throng of art and music lovers is the feeling that stays with me. Rising Appalachia played Concrete Pandemonium III, a collection of music, art, poetry and activism meant to unite a community and inspire a little joyful communing.”

“Evolutions in Sound: Live” showcases Chloe and Leah Smith’s extraordinarily powerful and natural polyphonic range, drawing on a heavily infused brew of original songs, deep roots and traditional music. Often underscored by a hip-hop-inflected spoken word intent on a “scale down” green revolution, the R.I.S.E. sisters and their guest backup musicians conjure an air of haunting, even entrancing, rhythms and social justice struggles that defy you to resist at your own risk.”

“From Americana roots to fusers of world music, (Rising Appalachia) is currently to folk music what dap is to a handshake. They have transformed, transcended and arrived at a place in their journey where they can both create masterful music and propagate powerful messages, proving that art and activism are a beautiful and necessary mix.”