RISE thy RUIN / Press

“Deathcrush Weirdness of Rise Thy Ruin”

“Austin masters of sludge-covered post metal, Rise Thy Ruin performed at Head Hunters in Austin, Texas on July 21, 2012. The three-piece performed a full set at the venues’ Island-themed patio. Patrons poured in, packing the small venue to witness the group’s mind-altering sonic assault.”

“I listened to the new CD from Austin's own RISEthyRUIN, HOLY <> it is Heavy! Everything I love about independent [insert sub-genre here]music: thick textures, change ups, technical, stirring, engaging with lyrics that have depth & meaning.”

“Saturday night I got the opportunity to see Rise thy Ruin at Headhunters. I had heard good things about them and so I was interested to see what they have to offer. I found their music quite intriguing, in the best way possible. It could best be described as a kind of psychedelic doom with some noise elements in there as well. Their use of a keyboard player instead of a bassist was interesting but definitely worked. All of the instruments came together to produce some awesome sounds that rocked the outside stage. The place was pretty crowded and everyone seemed to be really into the music. They had great energy and they were really into what they were playing. I can't stand it when a band just stands there and plays; it's nice to see people who really enjoy what they're doing. And they were definitely into what they were playing. I greatly enjoyed the show and hope to be able to see Rise thy Ruin again soon.”

"If you have not heard RISEthyRUIN yet, you are missing out on some of the most spectacular music to emerge from the Austin music scene. Their music has many different elements that make it hard to put it into a particular category. There are elements of doom that make their heaviness rival doom father’s Sleep. RISEthyRUIN’s use of samples and effects bring the music depth and weight. And finally their light show is so beautiful and could make the dingiest club a spiritual sanctuary. If you have not seen or heard them yet I highly recommend that you do." From victhortheviking.com