Risen Prophecy / Press

“Screaming for Death is the band’s first album which I promptly bought after a live show in Durham. Needless to say as far as debuts go, this is pretty impressive. The album itself is tightly recorded and the storytelling in the songs is very effective especially given the long song times. The main standout for the album for me was title track `Screaming for Death` with its crunching intro before launching into some classic thrash riffing before a memorable soaring chorus section which are perfectly and intricately composed. For a fiver this album is defiantly worth a purchase for anyone with even a vague interest in metal. A very fine addition to underground thrash with a dash of NWOBHM influences on the side. 4.8/5”

J - Northern Chaos

“I recently got hold of the band's very impressive debut album, 'Screaming For Death', that they released themselves last year. It features eight awesome, anthemic tracks, including the infectious metal anthem 'Risen Prophecy', which I must have played five times in a row - guitar harmonies, galloping rhythms, metal as-fuck falsetto vocals, pounding driving drums...this song has it all! I also have to mention the track 'Sins Of The Fathers', which can only be described as epic, complete with soaring vocals and a chorus that is up there with Solstice. This is heavy metal of a very high quality for a band whose average age is still only 21! ”

“Sunderland mob Risen Prophecy's "Persecutor" debut suggested that the UK's growing thrash scene had another name to contend with. These chaps are certainly ones to watch.”

Terrorizer #209 - Fear Candy #93

“The headliners of the night, Risen Prophecy, completely owned. They seemed to have it all; exceptional vocals, bags of energy and stage presence, and amazing guitar solos. As an added bonus, unlike a lot of thrash metal bands, their songs didn’t all sound the same. The guys from Sunderland put on an all round excellent show; they exuded cool, they had flawless timing, and were thoroughly enjoyable.”

Siobhan Paisley - The Persistence of Memory

“With the onus on ever-tighter musical niches and genres becoming ever more prevalent it does my heart good to see a simple, stripped-down and back to basics thrash band with plenty of denim, attitude and home-brewed aggression. Risen Prophecy are a Sunderland-based foursome who’s album Screaming for Death has distinct tones of the early-to-mid 80′s thrash movement and captures a no-nonsense approach to music which is increasingly rare.”

Dave Thompson - Shred Reviews

“As the thrash revival continues along comes Sunderland’s Risen Prophecy, a band with enough scope and musical chops to rival, if not better, the UK’s other leading light Evile. This four-piece isn’t subtle, they’re metal to bone.”

D.R. Swinhoe - Detour Magazine