Riptorn / Press

"Next up was RIPTORN, I've lately been getting into these guys a lot, they have a great combination of thrash and power metal influences to make a vicious yet unique sound. During their set their vocalist proved to everyone he's one of the best vocalists in the local metal scene, and I must give props to their bassist as well, he really impressed. This band also played a cover, they picked Anthrax's version of "Got The Time" by Joe Jackson, and they did a great job with it. Riptorn definitely impressed and I can't wait to see them again..."

“Their sound was more so inspired by old-school 80s thrash as opposed to acts like Revocation or The Absence, right down to the raspy, Jackal-like growling of the vocals. While I didn’t care for the music, I have to say that the band was clearly having a lot of fun on stage and that energy translated really well into their performance.”

"Riptorn as a whole can be summed up as one thing. Talent."

“Riptorn are an odd blend of thrash and sludge metal, with a slight power metal influence, which makes for a very harsh and unique sound. I’ve seen this band three times now and they always blow the other locals they’re playing with away, also opening for some big names like Overkill, Exodus, Valient Thorr and Fuck The Facts. The musicianship in this band is better than most other locals, and the vocals from Ben are incredibly melodic and haunting. Riptorn are definitely one of my personal favorite, and in my opinion best metal bands in central Florida, and I highly recommend you all check out their “The Shit EP”, it’s four songs of pure awesomeness.”