“MetalHed's beware, Rip Chain sounds different. Even their old songs have new life. I don't know what you guys did but do it some more. Everyone I talked to at the show was impressed by the new found confidence and this translated into an Epic set by these guys. Starting with "Thy Will Be Done" and "Strut" they killed us with "Dying on the Vine" and "Locust". Ending their set with a Pantera Cover "I'll Cast A Shadow". Way to go Rip Chain.”

"Ripchain gets back to the grass roots of the metal genre. The dark, angry lyrics, massive breakdowns, ferocious drumming, and out front bass guitar are like a 12-song punch to the face! Relentlessly fast riffs bring me back to the early days of thrash. Ripchain cuts through all the fancy bullshit and brings the pure heavy metal. Buy this record and break your neck to it!"

DJ MadMatt - Radio Boise's "Ya Know What's Metal?" 89.9FM

“Dave and Rene of Ripchain cruised by the studio this morning to chat about their upcoming gig at The Knit tomorrow night.”

“Resident thrash-masters, Ripchain, are currently working on a new album, but are always happy to grab the stage and melt some faces.”

““It’s the charity that brings us all together,” Ripchain frontman David Sean Ford explains via email. “It shines a light on the fact that metal heads aren’t all a--holes. We care, too.” Shucks, that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy that I might need to get a tattoo of the Snuggle fabric softener bear.”

“RIPCHAIN has been described as a band that spans the gap between radio friendly hard rock and extreme metal.”

“Local Boise Band Ripchain stopped by the studio to hang out and talk about their new Promo, Music, and Show on Wednesday the 11th at the Knitting Factory!”

“Any rounded edges Ripchain once had are gone, replaced by speed and power. It will be interesting to see where this new energy takes them.”

“Not one to mince words, Ripchain frontman David Ford promises the show will be "killer, kick ass and amazing."”

“Boise Music Examiner chats with Ripchain's David Ford”

“Doom Generator is a 5 track EP of very, very satisfying American Heavy Metal that should easily find fans into any of the above mentioned bands. RIPCHAIN do truly hold a place all their own in the world of Metal. Not exactly fast enough to be considered Thrash, not brutal enough to be considered Death Metal, but more intense than most Power Metal, they manage to blend the three subgenres into a sound and fury all their own. Fucking monstrous.”

“If this is what hard work, dedication and talent sound like, I guess it doesn't matter how long a band has been together. What matters is that they stay together and I have a really good feeling about Ripchain.”