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“Riotgod occupy a sonic space somewhere between Torche, Soundgarden and, perhaps inevitably, Monster Magnet, but their secret weapon is fabulously named frontman Mark Sunshine, a vocalist of rare ability, versatility and power.”

“(Driven•Rise) "A good and solid album with an extraordinary singer."”

“Riotgod continue to be the stoner version of Queen in many respects..”

“(Driven•Rise) "A huge step forward from these Rock giants. And Mark Sunshine is one of the best singer in that scene!”

“Even if you’re not a huge fan of hard rock or metal; I do feel that there’s a broad audience for this band as it’s edgy enough for the rock enthusiasts, hard driving enough for the rivet heads and melodic enough for contemporary rock radio.”

“These guys are absolutely awesome! I love the sludgy guitar riffs of guitarist Garrett Sweeny and the vocal stylings of Mark Sunshine are so addictive.”

“Overall, Riotgod is worth a listen just for being unconventional. They have tapped into something quite good, and very creative. It’s good old fashioned roots-laden heavy melodic rock. If they stay on track, they have the talent to challenge some of the current dull mainstream rock that is out today.”

“This is an extremely good album... vocals, song crafting, and production. These three things could not be any better.”

“a distinct brand of slower stoner rock/metal with Mark’s aggressive and impressive range giving them their own flavor.”

“It's easy to see why this bunch were signed and why they went down so well on the touring circuit. ”

“... interesting hooks, memorable vocals, and the influence of what could be argued to be the greatest era of Rock music that there has ever been.”

“The music is described variously as stoner rock, hard rock or stoner metal. Having listened to the album a good few times I'd describe it as 70s hard rock with some stoner rock and metal influences - its good hard rock with plenty of groove.”

“RIOTGOD is how heavy rock is suppose to sound . They are made for the arena's and a wall of amps all to 11.....”

“From both musical and a technical end these guys know what they are doing. Hard Rock fans with a weakness for bands such as Kyuss, Unida or other stoner rock groups of the late 90ies/Early 2000s, definitely need to give a listen to Riotgod. This first encounter I had with this band was by all kind of means a good one and I am hoping that these guys are confirming my impressions live some time soon. This tastes like more.”

Philip Van Steenbergen - Rock Tribune (Belgium)

“Riotgod knows how to rock hard and is definitely a band to keep tabs on.”

“This is just a great heavy rock band, very mature and with serious music. There is one thing important for Riotgod: it is all about the groove and about heavy rock. And goodness me, how well do they play groovy and heavy rock!”

“ The stoner elements are present on Invisible Empire, but mostly, it’s just great rock ‘n’ roll. Their brand of ’70s-style rock, ’90s grunge and psychedelic rock is an eclectic blend with a fresh, vibrant but familiar sound. They’ve actually expanded their sound a little from their debut.”

“Toss in a heap of Zeppelin's heaviest and Sabbath's bluesiest, and you have got an idea of where this Jersey quartet is coming from. Vocalist Sunshine wails like he was cut from a cloth sewn by the late, great Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant and Chris Cornell, while axe-man Garrett Sweeny steals the spotlight from his famed rhythm section with an arsenal of resin soaked riff and solos. The duo's interplay on "The Time is Now" is the stuff of legend.”

“They sound like a filthier Monster Magnet or Led Zeppelin if they hailed from the Midwest and had an obsession with garage instead of the blues.”

“while there are occasional Monster Magnet-esque tracks, such as on “Crusader,” or “Pinata” (though the latter resembles the MM cover of “The Right Stuff,” so it’s really more like Robert Calvet-esque), Riotgod have in no way created a clone, instead finding their own niche in the rock world.”

“... a startlingly amazing album which invigorates, inspires and infects you with energy and groove. Definitely one to buy!”

“I’m not sure how much more I could gush over this album. It’s rare that an album like this comes along and seemingly ties up the loose ends between certain rock genres. An absolute masterpiece and quite possibly the best album of 2010!”

“The outlook of these rock and rollers is what has driven Riotgod to new places and their eloquent 1960s and 1970s hard rock style mixes them in alongside greats such as Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer and Deep Purple.”

“If you're a Chicago or Bowling Green, Ohio area resident, you have a chance to catch the band in better form (i.e. not in someone's apartment). Make it happen!”

“Indeed, I can't believe it's an independent release as they've managed to create a magnificent meltpot of retro 70's hardrock and 90's grunge. One minute you're listening to basic Led Zeppelin vibes and the other it's Soundgarden 'ala 'Down On The Upside'.”

“I gave a quick listen to a couple different tracks over at their ReverbNation site before replying. A couple weeks went by and in my mailbox appeared what has quickly turned out to be one of my favorite albums of 2009.”

“All songs are catchy, full of power... there is definitely no filler on this album. But this is not a Stoner Rock record you have heard 100 times before, it is unique and after the songs you will put with a smile the repeat button.”

“these guys from New Jersey are second to none, making their own mark through the very distinctive singer or the pumping teamwork between the rhythmsection and the guitarist. Because all tracks testify to this, I abstain from a concrete list of outstanding material.”

"Red Bank's RiotGod launches into the stratosphere with a collection of high-grade rock and roll songs... and not a clunker in the bunch. Nice when that happens."

JJ Koczan - East Coast Rocker

“This is not the same old 'cliche-of-the-day' modern American rock. Riotgod is onto something quite good, and dare I say, creative here with their roots-laden heavy melodic rock. They've got the vision and talent to challenge current trends. Very recommended!”

“The music on CD is extraordinary with a lot of controlled energy. If they keep on that way their success is guaranteed. ”

“more than a derivative band here... not just some retro thing either, Riotgod have their own edge and they’re kicking it all in to the timeless rock beyond. Fresh band, armed with a finished album and all on the launch pad, waiting for you and ready to go”

“Riotgod shouldn't be reduced to side project status. The Red Bank-based band, which includes Monster Magnet bassist Jim Baglino and drummer Bob Pantella, stands on its own.”

“These guys worked hard onstage, were tight as a drum and had the best stage FX I've ever seen at the Pony.”