RIOT and the BLUES DEVILS / Press

“Very good performance. Great presence, good sound. Good band. Great energy… Glad someone was able to show that not everything has to be played at full volume all the time… These guys are R.E.A.D.Y! ‘Nuff said!”

Judges at the Intrenational Blues Challenge - IBC

“From Canada, RIOT & HIS RHYTHM DEVILS, one of the most exciting new acts around! I've been instantly conquered by their force and their terrific songs...from 1 to 10, I'll say 9!!”

Radio Basile, Italy

“There was a riot in front of my house on the weekend. Swarms of people came to watch, listen, groove and dance…and the "riot" was actually a group called Riot and His Rhythm Devils. Playing some of their own songs, as well as classics, their music was a little rock-'n-roll, a little rock-a-billy, and a whole lot of rhythm that kept crowds moving and clapping.”

Brenda MacMillan - The Toronto Post

“Riot, with a little help from his 6 guitars brings to the Blues a solid rock foundation but admirably well balanced. It’s a happy, smiley well-rounded blues. Riot and His Rhythm Devils is one of the better rock/blues cross over to come our way.”

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