Righteous Vendetta / Press

“Upon my first listen I was instantly grabbed and wanted more.”

“Top notch screaming, great singing; the guitarists’ present solos and technical riffs throughout the release…It is clear why there is a buzz around these guys.”

“Righteous Vendetta has an amazing future, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”

““This album is packed with good ideas, murderous breakdowns, and very few flaws””

Jerimie - Beehive Press (France)

““Lawless reels you in and keeps you interested from start to finish””

““Lawless sounds like a veteran album with quality clear production and a band that clearly knows their mission””

““From beginning to end Righteous Vendetta makes no comprises on their album. Solid music and a solid message can be found on each track.””

““I have never heard this before in any other music from the rock & metal genres, and it sounds great””

“This song takes you through explosive breakdowns and some of the most unique vocals around today.”

“Man, you guys wail!”

“Righteous Vendetta have crafted an album that shows skill well beyond their years. For Righteous Vendetta, this is only the beginning. It's only a matter of time before they move on to bigger and better things”

“Righteous Vendetta has burst on the scene and put out a terrific debut full-length.”