Rigartso / Press

"Sylvio Rigartso has a unique voice with an extremely wide vocal range, From deepest Bass to Tenor..If you think his recordings are great, you'll be delightfully surprised by his Hugely dynamic Live performance. As well as this He is a singer songwriter which again is quite unique for someone of His Vocal talent. He is very definitely a crossover artist and easily able to master songs from Rock to Country, Gospel, Opera, Traditional, Breathtaking Spirituals..the list goes on and on...His Co-Writer is John Dean..Of Rigartso and Dean Music. At the time of writing an Album is being recorded at Stealth Studios Auckland New Zealand... Regards Jeremy Hooper ps: If you require further information Just email: rigartso@gmail.com or alternatively contact us here at www.reverbnation.com/sylviorigartso"