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“A lot of people would argue that the 1970′s was the best time for hard rock music. Normally I’d agree but right now I’ve have to say that now is the best time from music. Why? Well today’s bands take those influences from the 70′s, mix it with what they have now. Call it modernization, call it progress. I call it Ride The Sun. This 5 track EP gets ass kicking with the first track, “Ride” (which is also on the Cowbell & Cobwebs compilation) and doesn’t stop until the last second of the last track, “Goin’ Down.” It’s a hard, heavy and fast EP. You’ll definitely want to crank up the volume on this one. The EP is currently only available digitally through Reverbnation or iTunes. Ride the Sun Links Myspace / Facebook / Reverbnation / iTunes”

“Chuybucca Sounds reviews our debut EP”

“our tunes are for sale on iTunes now!!!”

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“california tour 2011 end of March...TBA has been changed to one big show on April 30th at The Alley in Sparks, NV called April Dooms Day Festival with Sasquatch, Behold! The Monolith, Green and Wood, White Witch Canyon, Dirt Communion and more”