Rick Sparfven / Press

“Down the road is off the chain'”


“Just brilliant”

Don Beck

“My kinda music straight up and loaded with soul! I'm diggin' it all Rick... Cheers)))Rocco”

Rocco Altamura

“Great Jazz. Song for Laura Beautiful. Nice tracks. Tout le lmeilleur pour vous. Cheers. Pierre”

Anima 81

“I wish there was more stuff like what you do on the Radio Rick... I don't listen to public radio anymore because... Because it is just soo bad.. Anyway, great jams”

Spotting Waldo

“Rick knows how to engage you with melody. Beautiful music.”

Steve Bonino

"Brittany Michelle"...amazin live track!

Delaney Simpson

“Love "Shadow", nice slinky feel and great sax work.”

Second World

“We love a kick ass Bass player , latin flair is a bonus.!!!!”


"Brittany Michelle" is exquisite. Your jazz sound is extraordinary. I'm a fan! ~KC

K.C Daleigh

"Brittany Michelle" is awesome music!

A Dead Among The Living

“Rick! Incredible sounds my friend! Honored to hear your songs.”

Kennieth Perrin

“Rick your amazing man!!! Love Love Love”

thOught prOvOker

“Your work is fantastic!!”

Sophie Liesl

“That live cut of Brittany Michelle is really good!! respect from Chicago.”

Thadeus Project

“I was in Nashville last week and came home craving music like this.”

Rick Parnell

“Excellent tracks Rick...We are Hearing You!!”

The Stan Smith Band

“Ahhh Rick that's some sweeeeet playin'! Pass some of that mojo my way.”

Jean Pierre Johansson

“Some great live tracks, and picking up on the Stanley Clarke influence! Outstanding musicianship!”

Ste Van Horne

“High-quality tracks and excellent Bass playing. Diggin' it!”

Ralf Dee

“Tha Penguin is for a bass lover--SMV, yeah. Great imagery here.”

Howard Lawrence

“Hi Rick, Digging on some of your tracks today. Wishing you all the best ~ Frankie”

Frankie O'Rourke

“Super Cool!! great style and sounds here Rick!!! ....Shadow...Top tune!!”

The Fores

“Dude, your music is wickedly unique and totally cool!”

Inner Planets

“Heavily enjoying your tracks and impressive Bass work. Great stuff.”

Tracy Quinn O'Brien

“Blasting away n grroovin this evenin with your awesome track 'Stormy Monday'. Incredible!!!”


“'Tha Penguin' sounds great. Love the fretless bass tone.”

Laurie Miller

“A totally unique blend of jazz and latin that enlightens the soul and lifts the spirit. Soulunique loves Rick Sparfven.......”


“Listening to Tha Penguin!! Interesting track, nice to hear some very original work!”


“Exquisite, beautiful Latin and jazz blends Rick, an outstanding band and I love ‘Song for Laura’!”


“Fabulous Jazz the way it should be!. Classy!”


“So,so cool! u r amazing!”


"Billie Jean" ! is so good !

Jeffrey Whitman

“Superb musicianship, each musician has a universe of experience and knowledge, making this band one of the most talented versatile I have found.”

Cesar Coronel

“Rick, your jazz music sounds Amazing!”

Bobby McIntyre

“Blown away. "Shadow" is addictive”

Van Hartsell

“Got some really cool stuff!! I really like Billie jean!”

Ronda Harp

“Great writer, love your work!”


“Digging 'Billie Jean' - very good songwriting!!! :)”

Otto's Daughter

“Awesome musicianship - tight - excellent composition. LOVE "Shadow" and "Tha Penguin". "Phat Albert" is MONSTER! ..”

James Michael Skeen

“ Super sound, tunes, vibe and groove !!!Don't need no more !!!:)))Liked the whole stuff !!!”


“Rocco & Rahj dig Rick Sparfven. Supremely cool & tres hip sounds”

Rocco & Rahj:



“Love your music and your style........ ........Symphony”

“Rick,Your music is really beautiful, original, and a pleasure to listen to -- and you definitely have chops. I especially like Shadow - WOW !!!”

Theresa Derr

“: Your songwriting and performances are AWESOME! ”

Woodsy Al Nichols