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““Parnell is a deeply insightful writer, able to articulate profound notions in the tight, challenging format of the popular song.””

““Rick Parnell inhales the whole world into his heart, and sends out in his songs.””

“’Next Time Around' glitters with folk-classic potential thanks to the band's heavy-caliber compositional expertise, and Parnell's brilliant lyrics and guitar stylings are finely honed and fluidly expressed throughout.’”

"I remember thinking "Damn, that's good!" Actually, it's better than good…"

“A favorite track of the record is ‘A Numbers Game’. The song is faster and peppier than many on the album and grabs the listener’s attention quickly and refuses to let go. The guitar and drum work here is very impressive.”

“The Rick Parnell Band is proof that with a true passion great music can come at any time.”

“These are well written complex songs that stay catchy and tell stories that keeps the listener interested.”

“The band plays a form of folk-roots rock that fills a room with sound unlike any solo performer ever could. There could be comparisons to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, or John Lennon but the effect of adding the full band to songs of this style makes a huge difference.”

“The writing is a blend of life experience from a youthful, poetic soul.”

““Great guitars and sparse production highlight soulful vocals.””

“Rick Parnell has been added into the Museum of Canadian Music, with "The Red Chair" made the MOCM pick of the week to highlight the induction.”

“I think Rick Parnell's music is very touching and beautiful. He is a great Canadian songwriter and I truly like his music.”

“Rick Parnell's folk/rock rolls out with "Off the Wall", a heart on the sleeve story ushering us into "Imperfect Beauty". Guitar chops from Hart Parnell provide a solid shot of talent throughout. "Red Chair" is lyrically sound, a true highlight, as is "Let it Rain", a tender ballad with deep lyrics and a sweet sounding acoustical riff that leaves you wanting more.”

“Parnell and his fellow musicians create an album that is brimming with thought provoking lyrics and soulful melodies.”

"...vocal performance is powerful and evocative and the song structure has an almost Bob Dylan meets Jimi Hendrix element to it."

Gary Hill - reviewyou.com

“If you are into the musical likes of Bob Dylan or The Traveling Wilburys, then you will enjoy the terrific songs on the album, "Imperfect Beauty."”

“The International Association of Independent Recording Artists recognizes and honors artistic achievement, ...on 08/14/2010, One Eye Open, by Rick Parnell, had attained The Number 36 Position on at least one of the charts monitored and verified by IAIRA. ... IAIRA has qualified this release as eligible for Certification as an International 'Top 40'”


“He composes songs much in the same vein as singers such as Neil Young, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.”

"One Eye Open" has been named an Indie-Music.com Editor's Pick!

“Acoustic Must-Have CD "One Eye Open" by Rick Parnell - Rick Parnell fits easily into the folk or rock genres. With this debut EP of six great songs, he combines intriguing and captivating lyrics with a fresh well-rooted sound.”

““...his rough-hewn voice is as evocative as the words that spill out in his soulful delivery.” “... completely right for contemporary listeners of any generation.” ”

"There is no doubt that Rick Parnell understands his art. Because of the arrangements, it is his songs and nothing else that rise to the fore. ...he leaves enough room for the listener to play an intimate role in his stories and moods."

“RadioIndy is pleased to present Rick Parnell with a Grindie Award for the CD "One Eye Open"”

“The O’Malley Project song “Still Waiting” - for which Rick Parnell provided lyrics - was awarded Folk Song of the Day by GarageBand on October 3rd, 2009 and has received multiple reviewer pick awards for Best Vocals, Best Melody, Best Mood, and Most Original Song.”


“Rick Parnell receives a weekly Reviewers' Picks Award for best male vocals in Folk Rock”

“Everybody’s Wrong receives a weekly Reviewers' Picks Award for “Best Mood" in Folk Rock”