Rick Courtney / Press

“Yo RC- Enough is Enough needs to be heard throughout the Country== Great Words everyone can relate to... ”

Theo- Indianapolis

“Hay Rick. Glad to meet you! Love the words of "Enough is Enough"! great song! May the song be heard, May the words sink in! I'm sharing it! Thanks for becoming a fan. Absolutely a fan of yours! ”

Tom Baker

"Sweet Insanity" brought tears to my eyes :) wow !! Blew me away !!! what a beautiful song, with a very heart felt melody, and what a wonderful performance :) Loved all your tracks I listened to, but that one.. .? kinda special :) Thanks so much for fanning and listening, and I sincerely hope you get the break you deserve..you're a very special songwriter :)Nice to meet you and your talent :) Jen Australia[less]

Jenn - Australia

“Michaels Prayer- Listened to this again, and once again it gave me chill bumps! This is such a wonderful tribute!!! God bless America and our brave heroes!!! Thank you, Rick and Butch!”

Debbi Skeet

“Michaels Prayer- Thanks to Michael and all who fight who sacrifice so that we canl be free!! Rick and Butch thanks for this wonderful song and sharing it ...I am blessed to have found long ago friends that are making wonderful contributions to the world. I feel lucky to have you back in my life..Hugs ”

Margo Miles-

“This week, we’ve got Rick Courtney. Rick is the definition of a good guy. A former military man, he’s now a fixture on the local music scene, formerly with his band, Treblehook, and now with his new act, The BeachBilly Brothers duo. He’s got a deep, resonant voice that’s like an old friend and songs about everything from patriotism to a liquor store robbery gone wrong.”

John Staton - Starnews Online Wilmington NC

“Posted on Melissa Clevelands CD release with one of my songs- Tell Jesus Hi (He's Gone). "Tell Jesus Hi" is a touching ballad that shows how a family can stand strong in the face of adversity. When the family learns that a soldier is not coming home to them, they remember the good times with him. He may be gone, but he certainly is not forgotten.”

“Tryin to Make a Livin and gettin by a day at a time...”