Rick-A-Shade / Press

“Thanks for what you give us!! We listen to the music daily while we work! It is satisfying while you are eating.. No more elevator music in the break room!! ”

Barbara.H C.N.A - Westen ,N.C. Radio Station

“Looks like we got the UNITY working!... DON'T STOP”

Peacefulfunk - Soulian Productions

“O , my main man RICK-A-SHADE.it's good to know that a brother like you following your dreams. as a kid you had that glow on the stages..you when from dancing to the funk to playing the funk..lol.we will get together real soon,when i get into town.so tell your P.S.S team to get ready ,we got work to do ... 2 thumbs up 2 you my brother ,p.s. we are digging that c.d. The Indo Album is A Hit Up North. check you soon,,”

R.N. - Constellation Arts & Entertainment

“Music is a gift that not everyone has... Thats why it can be both inspirational and educational. I would like to thank you for sharing your gift with not only the people around you, but also for sharing with the world. The world needs more real music. And what you're trying to do Rick-a-Shade, is much appreciated by me. Continue to do you. I like your flow of music. The way your mixing the funk and jazz into one. I'm looking forward to your website being finished so that I may see more of your wonderful work.Keep up the good work.You are headed in the right direction. ”

J.Garrett - Jazz Blog News Letter

“Your artistic views are very visible in your music. I hope you continue to keep the heart of music rather then the beat of the world. Keep your music unique and real. Peace to the sun.”

.Jerimaiah - Press Fan Club

“The Lord gives gifts to a lot of people in the world. But the bad thing is not everyone will use them to their greatest abilities. The Lord says if you do not use your gift he will strip you of it. I thank you for using your gift to you advantage. You have to remember not to be selfish in your work because he gave you a gift to share with the world not just with yourself. Remember no one can prosper alone it takes many not one. With that said I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Be blessed and never forget who was there from day one.”

Zuri Alexander - Purple Soul News Letter

“Rick-A-Shade is a low key player and singer,but when has that Bass in his hand he gets "WICKED"...He comes up with great hooks to add flavor for music.THIS BROTHER IS FUNKY!!! Original....”

Eugene Harden - Constellation Arts & Entertainment