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“A Los Angeles musician will be returning to perform at a hometown celebration he used to attend as a child. When Rich Sheldon was a young man, he and his friends would always attend the annual Scottdale Fall Festival. “The thing I remember the most is eating funnel cakes and gyros,” he said. “We would run around and play hide and seek, running around while things were going on.” Some of those things that were going on at the festival included local musicians, which is just what Sheldon became, going on a journey from Scottdale across the country to California. A graduate from Southmoreland High School, Sheldon attended Florida State University where he had a renewed interest in music, which then took him to Los Angeles to be a singer/songwriter. For the past two and half years, Sheldon has been returning to the area during the holidays to perform at such venues as Carson‘s Tavern, but this would be the first time that he‘s ever performed at the Fall Festival. ”

“Familiarity is what drew Venice Beach, Calif., singer/songwriter Rich Sheldon to Hollywood's Winslow Ct. Recording Studio owned by Craig Parker Adams. It’s located in an old RCA sound stage where they would record Foley. “When you first walk in to the studio, there’s a huge picture of Frank Zappa standing next to this enormous sound board,” explains Sheldon, who says one of the studio’ s staff is good friends with Dweezel Zappa. “It’s warm and inviting, and just a really great place.” *“I had worked with another producer before Adams, and he pushed me to play things a certain way, and he wanted to arrange the songs the way he saw fit, and I didn’t want that," Sheldon says. "Craig allows me to be me and do it my way, which makes it a much more enjoyable experience because it allows me to express myself the way I want to.” *And that’s really the whole point, isn’t it? A studio’s purpose, in many ways, is to make an artist’s dreams come true.”

“Sheldon to play Hard Rock 12/28/09 [- Hide] Tribune Review, article by Rege Behe Springdale native Rich Sheldon moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago and has not looked back. The change of venue seems to suit the musician, whose sunny, upbeat songs skirt between pop, classic rock and reggae, with a bit of country thrown in for good measure. A regular on L.A. radio, Sheldon still has roots in the area, with family in Harmarville and Springdale. He'll perform Wednesday at Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square. Admission for the 9 p.m. show is $5. ”