“Owens is a slide monster, with an all-grit, no nonsense vocal delivery that's pure joy; if Crazy Horse and Stevie Ray Vaughn joined forces with George Thorogood and John Fogerty, they'd have their hands full, tryin' to outdo these guys--and I've seen ALL of the above. In my opinion, THIS is the kind of stuff that *really* makes Nashville great. GO SEE THIS BAND...and thank me later. wink emoticon”

Peter Rodman - Peter Rodman music blog

“Richie Owens makes his metal-bodied resonator guitar growl like a rottweiler stealing a bone from a pit bull. And that sound is all over Dia De Los Azules, the new album by Owens and his band the Farm Bureau.”

“Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau are as roots Americana as Americana can get. Guitars, mandolins, dobros . . . this is traditional country blues, folk and bluegrass modernized into a truly Americana roots music. It has echoes of the Cumberland Gap, the melancholy attendant the Civil War, rural industry and wild country backwoods moonshine parties.”

“This is one of those discs that when it was arrived in the mail left the reviewer wondering "Who?", but after listening was so glad to get it. One of those gems you are going to have to search out, however, it's well worth the effort.”

“Listening to Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau, it's as if Stills' vision of an eclectic band combining acoustic and electric instruments with singer-songwriter based tunes laced with extended jams and instrumental muscle while breaking all of the rules of genre fixations, has come to life again. This is Richie's intent while bringing along his own creative lessons well-learned from a storied musical Tennessee childhood into his adult career fleshing out his own passion for American music in all it's southern glory. In Farm We Trust is a consistent, well-produced fire-brand of an album of southern rock that is as entertaining as it is energizing.”

“Richie Owens has been around Nashville for quite some time now. Back in 1998, he helped to produce an album on one of his talented family members who also owns a theme park in East Tennessee (Think about that one for a second.) For the past few years, Owens has been making some very unique music with the Farm Bureau, and they have developed quite a following. This disc is sure to keep that momentum surging forward, particularly in the Americana format. . Richie and company have come up with a winner of an album, for sure!”

“Owens launches a long overdue solo career with his impressive new album. Boasting a broad array of musical references, it runs a wide gamut—from rock to country and from blues to bluegrass – yet still manages to flow together seamlessly.”