Richard Walton / Press

"I enjoyed the 'Under The Current' CD very much, it's a really nice project. I especially liked the following songs: "Five And Dime", "Jaywalker", "Serra" & "Methenything". I think the band sounds really good, and it's put together really well'.

Chuck Loeb (Fourplay) - Grammy Award Winning Composer/Guitarist (April 2017) - inbox

"It's always a pleasure when an opening act, especially one you're unfamiliar with, surprises an audience with a captivating performance. Such was the case with the Richard Walton Group, an award winning, multi-genre instrumental group "from Baltimore, Vienna (VA), and places in between." Formed in 1991, RWG is currently celebrating 25 years on the scene. They continue to release new material, and performed mostly tracks from 2015's "Under The Current" for an appreciative Tally Ho audience."

Dime A Dozen

““I listened to your ‘Under The Current’ CD from beginning to end. Fabulous work! I’m really impressed and inspired” – Laurence Baer – Grammy nominated singer/songwriter”

Laurence Baer - Baltimore Songwriter's Association

" Richard Walton Group's new CD "Under The Current" is a relentlessly upbeat voyage through some slick original music that will have your fingers tapping". Ali Breckman ~ Baltimore Jazz Alliance May 2015

Ali Breckman - Baltimore Jazz Alliance

““ ‘Rio Le’ has all the right ingredients for a south-of-the-border number with radio airplay potential: the flamenco-esque guitar of Richard Walton, the lilting flute of Joe Doyle, and the obligatory Latin percussion of John Grant.””

““The Richard Walton Group provides a flavor of the Latin Jazz with the spicy rhythm-rich “Rio Le.””

"The band is tight. Richard Walton is a talented bass player and songwriter. It is hard to believe this 'Live At Blues Alley' CD was recorded live."

Carolyn Krohn - Music Guide Magazine

““Seasoned songwriter and jazz musician Richard Walton takes a leap of faith with his first solo effort, “Vessel”, a sincere foray into Spirit-filled lyrics supported with light, catchy beats. Well placed, hand picked talent round out this sincere, upbeat album.” ”

Karen Hostetter - Key-Notes

“Years from now, “Junction” will be referred to as a fine audio snapshot of many of Baltimore’s jazz players enjoying themselves”. ”

Ty Ford - Music Monthly Magazine

“With "Junction", the group brings elements of jazz, rock, R & B and even elements of Latin/Brazilian music to this easy listening, yet energetic album."”

Jay Levy - Chesapeake Music Guide

"Sometimes the best Christian music ends up being the work that is most accessible, the comfortable musings of someone who is successful in their craft because they know how to reach out to people without any off-putting pretension. The 11 tracks on "Vessel" are a prime example."

CD Baby

"The whole Christian rock scene is huge, and "Vessel" fits perfectly in that genre. It succeeds in getting the word out, without being preachy. The tunes are well written and it sounds great. If you are into music that affirms life, I think this one will serve you well."

Michael Macy - Music Scene

““Junction” offers up 13 mood invoking jazz grooves. Each one is a masterful work at bringing out our deepest joys, hardening sorrows and sometimes causes the listener to laugh at the beat."”

Jay Levy - Chesapeake Music Guide