Richard Nejman / Press

“WOW!! Now this is FIRST CLASS KICK ASS MUSIC!! Loving "The Hidden Cure" tonight. Superb electronics, mixing, and vocals. Smiling while listening...”

Seven Days - ReverbNation

“Music capable of an ecstatic trip through winding trance labyrinths ("Saturation") and simple, beautiful melodies ("A Norfolk Tale"). ”

Embers of Autumn - ReverbNation

“beautifully haunting, hypnotic journeys through a wonderfully eclectic mix of EDM and Trancey styles..almost got a Goan feel at times..and on tunes like "saturation", i think the blend of the mood textures, the Eastern flutes and tones, fits perfectly into the driving, spontaneous techno grooves...diggin your considerable production and mixing skills!! ”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“great set of quality compositions! ”

the johnnie squizzercrow experiment - ReverbNation

“Getting the extended space vibes on Saturation Richard.....(I hear shades of Zawinul!).. That beat is wicked!!!! Best wishes & thanks for your friendship, Andrew”

Andrew Austin - ReverbNation

“Wow, this is ambient-ly invigorating, almost hypnotic. Loving (Keith Twidale's) vocals on Hologram and your percussion on Saturation. Sublime. Thanks for finding me, RIchard, and your nice words! -Janice ”

Janice Kephart - ReverbNation

“Hey there Richard! .....LOVIN Ur music; awesome, epic expansive sound, amazing, creative instrumentals & awesome use of samples! I love the merging of genres, between 70s Psychedelic Prog, & I can also hear a lot of 90s dance influences; U remind me of a mix of Pink Floyd, mid 90s Prodigy! ........ I espesh enjoyed "Holograms" & "Saturation;" that 1 takes U on a really interesting musical journey!...... Peace & best wishes Jamie. C :) ”

Jamie Connolly - ReverbNation

“Grooves are ingenious! Love it! Much respect to your excellent work! ”

Jerzy Wlodarczyk - Reverb Nation

“Saturation would keep the prison populations in order. It's like a world music tinged version of Floyd's "On the Run" (from DSOTM). ”

Howard Lawrence - Reverb Nation

"A Norfolk Tale" is brilliant, beautiful melodies and very well performed. Thanks for talking me about this piece;) Best, Andre.

Andre Henriquez - Reverb Nation

“Really outstanding musicianship! Great tracks! Wish you all the success! ”

Hitherside - Reverb Nation

“Back for more Neji...just love The Hidden Cure. Wild electronica combined with real rock percussion. It's a cure for complacency. Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman would be proud. ”

Howard Lawrence - Reverb Nation