Richard Lee Wilson / Press

“Thanks for sharing the music! I have not heard playing like that SINCE Setvie Ray Vaughn..I was dubious after reading your self description, but am now a firm believer... You just set the bar in the stratosphere!”

“Stevie Ray & Eric Johnson had a love child named Richard Lee! ”

Fan - man from UNCLE - reverbnation

“Date: 07/04/2009 9:59 AM If you and Carolyn Wonderland are ever on the same stage, please warn the audience for possible od on the screamin' Jimi/Stevie/Janice BLUES! Seriously, I'd love to see the smoke and feel the fire from that jam. Peacemon ”

“LARGE CROWDS AT MUSIC FEST. Richard Lee Wilson wow's large crowd and shows his versatillity”


“Saw this band during 6th Street Mardi Gras on 2/20/04 in Austin. We were walking by The Vibe and thought we were hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn again! In my opinion, they were better than any other live show up or down the street. Definitaly a must-see if you like good, hard, gut-wrenching Texas Blues!”

“I discovered a gem of a blues guitar player, Richard Lee Wilson, who can eat every single blues player for lunch.”

“Great Guitar Sound Performance: Has a live feel that is difficult to duplicate if you listen to the studio weenies who want you to do multiple takes of everything. Sounds like you said, "Just roll the tape and lets see how it sounds."”

“Subject: "won't bring you roses" will be Track of the Day at garageband.com!”

“Subject: I may have found the next blues god I may have just heard stevie's ghost damn Richard Lee you can play like some kind of monster can't wait to check ya'll out live again saw you in Austin at big daves dam saloon back in November. Hope your coming to the "big D" sometime soon.”