Richard Bacchus & The Luckiest Girls / Press

“Richard Bacchus cut his teeth on the swagger of James Williamson during Raw Power and Johnny Thunders “Born Too Loose.” He then teamed with Jesse Malin to found D Generation in 1991, revisiting gritty New York street punk and infusing it with hooky anthemic. They arrived just in time for the underground’s coming-out party (sponsored by Nirvana) and parlayed that into a pair of major-label deals. Their second album, 1996’s No Lunch, perfectly mixed grimy glam and punk brawn. It led to tours with KISS, the Ramones and Social Distortion. Bacchus jumped ship before their 1999 swan song, Through the Darkness. For a time, he started a band (Vazquez) with Sami Yaffa (of Hanoi Rocks and New York Dolls) and then self-released released the 2005 solo disc, The Bicycle Diaries. Songs from both efforts wound up on 2007’s Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls debut, the Yaffa-produced Jet Black & Beautiful. While it indulges more flavors—from the shimmering “Waiting Around” to the se”

“By distilling the swagger of his old band, D-Generation, into a smoother brew—less snot, more soul—Raleighite Richard Bacchus and his Luckiest Girls touch on New York Dolls' glam, Ramones' punk (Bacchus played in Sprokket with Dee Dee), Stones' blues and Cheap Trick's power-pop.”