Rhythm & Rain / Press

“Awesome band.....awesome people! 150% endorsed for a great evening. Highlight of my New Orleans experience. Thanks guys!”

Marshall Monteville

“Thanks for letting me tune in to www.tropicalisle.com. You Are So Funny! That's why I enjoy hearing Rhythm & Rain cause They Are The Funniest Band In The Land! Peace Franklin”

Franklin Godowns

"I saw these guys at Tropical Isle yesterday...fantastic entertainment! The first reaction is that they are playing some of your favorite "lite and airy" music from the past...but then you realize that the words aren't quite the same. Hilarious!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!" — with Stephanie Burch Baker

Forrest Drummond

“Wanted to say thanks for making our anniversary special while we were in NOLA! You guys were the best band we heard while we were in New Orleans!”

Dottie Hale Smith

“Rhythm & Rain are the funnest band on Bourbon St!”

Pink Flamingo Queens: Kathy Gloady Ferralli - Pink Flamingo Queens: Kathy Gloady Ferralli

“I ran into a couple in Memphis, TN that had just come from New Orleans and I ask them how it was and they said that between Pat O's piano bar and listening to Rhythm and Rain Trio, it was the best .... Not bad for a country boy from Indianola .... I have to agree , you and they guys are the best !!!!”

Michael Childres

“I would just like to thank you, as an Ole Miss Sig Ep alumni, for putting on the greatest spring day parties at our fraternity house of all time! Everyone's favorite part of Wild Wild West is y'all!!!”

Austin Lee - Ole Miss Class of 2011

“Y'all are our favorite band!!! Hope to see you soon in New Orleans or Mississippi!!!!”

Tonya Comeaux Broussard

“You all sounded great!”

New Orleans VoodooCouple

“Thanks guys for a really special anniversary while we were in New Orleans this past week!!! Y'all were by far the BEST band we heard the whole time we spent there! Thanks for making our night so special!!!”

Dottie Hale Smith

"My oh my, we rocked last night didn't we and now NOLA has gotten to know me a little better because of y'all. Thanks for the fabulous music, unforgettable antics and hilarious jokes we had a blast! Until next time...

Kricket LaVerne Stewart - Tropical Isle Bourbon patron

“To get the proper exposure from the Sun you must have Rain, Rhythm and Rain. What a major talent! What a great person! -Vince Vance”

Vince Vance - Vince Vance and the Valiants

“I really enjoy your takes on all the songs you do. I will always play the CDs you gave me on the air... Its just good cake. When I get a piece of cake that I like, I get a glass of milk and just keep chowing down.”

Paul - Editor - Tropical Pleasures Magazine

“Thanks! It wouldn't be the same festival without you! Had a blast. ”

Leonie Johnston - Biloxi Chamber of Commerce - (on the Biloxi Seafood Festival)

“We really appreciate your time and talent. You guys were a definite hit...and thanks for putting up with the spoon-playing as well! Again, thank you ever so much and I look forward to seeing you guys again!”

Missy and Lyle's Wedding

“Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful music. Weather (and everything else) was there, but the three of you made the occasion an event to remember for a lifetime. Thannk you.”

Ralph and Andrea's Wedding

“Everybody really enjoyed having you guys in town. Your trio has a great sound!”

John Collins - New Orleans Parrothead Club

“Glad to see you guys are still around a kicking. I appreciate your continued postings so I might know where you will be should I get a day off to relax and enjoy myself. Have yourself a Thankful Thanksgiving, a wonderful rest and creative period better than any in the past.”

Absolute Lee - Absolute Entertainment

“I'm 64 years old and enjoyed your music immensely! Good luck in all your endeavors...”

Jim D - Corvette Action Center.com - Corvette Action Center .com

“Yall did one hell of a job... you can count on us booking you again next year!”

Lee Hendrick VP of Communications - Sigma Phi Epsilon - Mississippi ALPHA Chapter