Rhythm and Booze / Press

“Rhythm and Booze blew us away!!! Their singer took charge immediatly, during setup, and ordered everyone to the front of the stage. They complied. He put on a mini concert while getting his rig together. Crowd loved it. Point is that the band began performing the moment they stepped on that stage. These dudes are from Hamilton. The real Hamilton with the little alleys behind the houses, inner city blight etc. The streets. They brought their big draft beers on stage with them. The sweet smell of freshly scrubbed and powdered teenagers was immediatly replaced by the smells of nicotine alcohol and motor oil on that stage. Yummy. Their fans are wild and very loyal, vocal and rocking right along with the band. Their singer/guitarist COMMANDS the stage, plays a smoking ass guitar, went through the crowd soloing and hollering, worked every aspect of Rick's, EVEN THE SMOKING AREA OUTSIDE! They simply slayed the audience, judges and me with their nitty gritty hard rock punk rock.”

Jim Miller - U Rock Studio

“I've been around the local music scene for quite a while, and I feel like I am a pretty good judge of music. Being a musician myself, I know what I like. When I first saw Rhythm and Booze, I was pretty impressed. The rock and roll energy these guys bring is on a high wire. I consider them to be one of Cincinnati's top-shelf party bands. It's cool to know if these guys play, I won't get bored at a show!”

“Rhythm and Booze... We can't say enough great things about these guys. Really fun, positive guys that put all that into their music. Very talented, very tight band. They have huge supporters that follow them. Always a crowd, as long as you have PBR... Never disappointed when we book these guys. We encourage all venues to give these guys a shot. From our staff at Tapout Bar and Grill... They're awesome!!”