Rhonda Roberts / Press

"Rhonda Roberts has a sweet, sultry voice, her lyrics are about life and easy to understand, her music is upbeat and fun and her sense of humor certainly comes out in her lyrics. Pinpointing a music genre would be impossible for me, but Roberts seems to traverse all of them seamlessly. There are a few poignant ballads in the mix that give the listener time to rest and reflect. The real surprise is the instrument Roberts uses. A ukulele. That’s right, one of those teeny-tiny instruments that looks like a mannequin guitar. Roberts makes it all work, and very well."

" As natural as it may be, there's evidence of a seasoned performer behind the unassuming charm. Roberts is something of a Mae West, Marylyn Monroe (sic), and Joni Mitchell hybrid. Brains, beauty, and brass all rolled into one subtly dynamic performer."

“Rhonda Roberts has both sides of the spectrum. She has a style that's fluid and controlled without being rigid, so much that it's almost otherworldly. I was fortunate enough to hear her sing in person, just her and her ukulele, and I was so taken by the experience that I jumped at the chance to have a copy of her demo....This young woman has a lush voice, writes clever lyrics, and uses phrasing steeped with emotional content so deep it demands your attention.”