Rhode Island Rocks / Press

“This band got in the Featured Band running by a fan nomination, and we had already heard the name all over RI and one of us had even seen them a couple of times over the past two years. The first phrase that comes to mind when we think about RI Rocks is 'heart and soul'! These three rockers have more heart in their performances than we've seen in many area bands, and we were heartily impressed by the fun these guys were having at the shows we collectively saw them at. The guys in RI Rocks carry themselves with a genuinely unpretentious attitude, are extremely approachable, and play exactly what they wanna play. We were overjoyed to hear some "real rock and roll" classics that we very rarely hear, if at all, on the RI cover band scene. They also have a CD filled with edgy, melodic rock and roll originals. ”

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