Rhoades D'Ablo Music / Press

"I'm the only hell that Mama ever raised," drawls former Rock City Morgue guitarist Rhoades D'Ablo in the chorus of "Truckerspeed." That line sets the mood and attitude for Truckerspeed and Other Vices, the debut EP from his new band, the Devil's Right Hand. The Devil's Right Hand comes off as Merle Haggard or George Jones being backed by the Exile On Main Street-era Stones.The Devil's Right Hand follows in this tradition, preferring to sing about heartbreak in "My Misery" and the desperate side of getting drunk in "Even Jesus (Can't Keep Me Sober)." And as much as I love most alt.country, the slight condescension and ironic detachment of some of those artists really puts me off. Truckerspeed contains not one drop of this, as D'Ablo and his partners in crime come off as the real deal, true beer-swilling hell-raisers.

-Jeremy J. Deibel - Offbeat Magazine (New Orleans)