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“Q:What would you like to be doing 10yrs from now? A:In ten years... I would like to be making a good living in music, recording my self, but also recording other young talent, not for exploitation, but for youth expression, that is something I'm very passionate about Q:What do you think about the state of the industry? A: I feel like the industry has evolved the way we let it evolve. It started from necessity, from brothas who had no money just had and idea a hope and a dream, and since now it brings commercial success everybody thats poor and can speak wants a piece of that success, so it has gone to people who have less stake in it, so it hasn't been taken care of, its just been used for money instead of appreciated like the art it is. Q:Why should people buy your album? A:People should by my Album for its diversity, for the message, for past hip hop, and future hip hop, because the message is not old school, the message is the future. ”

“Q:How did you choose your name? A:I was careful in choosing my Name, because it means so much, its the first thing people think about when they think of your music, The reason I picked Rhetoric is because I speak about the real, the truth in todays society, and though Rhetoric is alot of times applied to the past or what someone else has said, What I say in my songs will be the Rhetoric of the future. Q:Who are your influences? A:bone thugs and harmony, Common, Talib Kwele, The Legendary Roots Crew, Black Thought especially, Aerosmith, Red hot chilli peppers, Clint mansell, Mozart, Pink Floyd etc I could go on forever. Q:How did you start rhyming/dj'ing/singing? A:I started writing at 13 and recording at 15 I started with friend as a summertime hobby, but it progressed into a lifestyle, now it is who I am. Q:How would you define your style? A:Unorthodox, and forever changing, but always real. ”

“http://robeysan.com/rhetoric/ ”

Paul Robey - Rhetoric CIN