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“Treasures Roadhouse is the brainchild of Bourn Archer, with the help of Santa Cruz musicians Rhan Wilson and Rick Zeek and acoustic engineer Tim Prince. “We’re all musicians and we know what we want to have for us to play,” Wilson said. The 4,300-square-foot building, which can hold an audience of 100, features an elaborate sound system and a 400-square-foot stage. (Click link to read the rest of the story.)”

“Everybody must get 'Altared' Posted: 04/15/2010 01:30:04 AM PDT Call it the "Altared Trilogy." Last December, as he does every year, Santa Cruz musician Rhan Wilson reworked traditional Christmas songs. On Valentine's Day, it was love songs. This time, he's going after a genre less celebrated by mainstream culture perhaps, but no less popular: Stoner music.”

“'Altared Christmas' rolls around again It's fast becoming a Santa Cruz holiday celebration, and it captures a kind of brilliant eccentricity that is likely to give those of us who often bored with traditional observances of Christmas a bit of a jolt. It's called 'An Altared Christmas,' and it's the brainchild of Santa Cruz musician Rhan Wilson.”

“New band puts new twist on old songs Rhan Wilson does nothing ordinary. The creator of "An Altared Christmas," the live show and album that reframes common Christmas tunes in a minor key, has put together a new band, and there's nothing ho-hum about it...”