Ahmo / Press

"Manitoba held the Murda Cap for 23 years yeah they tryna clean the streets but every rez is still here"

Ahmo - Gettin' Older

"I was a Playah when u asked so i kept my ways but fell for you within 4 days"

"it fucked up my family somewhere down the line alcohol and drugs became addictionz of mine just like the spawns before me and younger cuzzins by my side like we riding with the devil every time we take a ride"

Ahmo - Free Verse!!

"Str8 blazed up! Got more doe then a baker man i hustle for paper man I'm making my way I am changing the game a bit hataz ain't facing it playahs can't play like this just face it it's basic shit"

Rez Kurupted - Got it Loc'd

"See what it is right here is the truth about my rez not just Ebb and Flow it includes bacon ridge, Crane River, Souix Valley even Sandy Bay. Drug moneys comin and it's comin in my way I know the suppliers and i know all the buyers and the dealers' well known like he posted up fliers"

Ahmo - Native Pride

"You broke my heart and I still came back I don't understand why I get like that cause every other girl is just a one-time thing a fun-time thing, a drunk-night thing"

Ahmo - I Hate This

"Literally I'm Lyrically the Hottest on the Track Physically I'm Wickedly so Hot that this is Sad"

Ahmo - Sixteen

"With the paths I chose I've been staggering all along growing up felt harder ever since you been gone and to make matters worse I love my alcohol I rode with Maryjane twice and now she always calls"

Ahmo - Just a Memory