Rezet / Press

"The guys from northern Germany unchained a massive and well-made third album on the Metal scene!"

Metal Only

"Soon to be on the top of Thrash Metal! This reality is no lie! Thrash 'til death!"


"Their songs should please every true Thrasher's appetite!"

Metal Hammer

"All horns up and bang that head that doesn't bang! 12/15 points!"


"'Reality Is A Lie' surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan! 91/100 points."

Metal To Infinity

“Reality Is A Lie - Reviews: Metal Hammer (5/6) Legacy (12/15) Metal Only (8.5/10) Metalized.dk (9/10) Metal To Infinity (91/100) Terrorizer (7/10) RockHard (7/10)”

various - Reality Is A Lie Reviews

““'Civic Nightmares' is only the beginning of something much more grand."”

The Metal Observer

“The German Thrash Metal quartet, based around the guitarists “Ricky Wagner” and “Thorben Schulz”, play their songs full of playfulness. The old heroes of the genre could be frightened by them!”

Metal Hammer

“ "The German Thrash-newcomers are here with their second full length and play raw Thrash Metal which can't be put in any niche. In some ways you can compare it to early Megadeth, "Killing is my business..." - era, because Rezet are also experimenting with a lot of progessive elements. At first, the album sounds kind of weird because of this, but soon you will see that it also reveals a lot of potencial. The guys are playing their instruments awesome (listen to the guitar work!) and songs like "Full Throttle" are simply clever arranged, with a lot of pace changes and great solos. Their acoustic stuff sounds like being back in time when Flotsam & Jetsam released their early records, for exampel the short instrumental "Visions From Beyond". There's something going on and developing, and it's simply amazing that Rezet aren't another Slayer - or Bay Area - copy, but looking for autonomy.”

“The awesome Thrash Metal of Rezet's "Have Gun, Will Travel" makes the people go crazy!”

"It's hard not to get up and thrash about the living room. The promise of early Thrash lives."

Metal Review

"They storm through their songs with ripping pace changes and far more riffs than many other thrash bands could even dream of constructing. Yet despite the swirling amount of ideas they still remain very tight in their presentation. Add to that some admirable songwriting because you will remember many of these songs after just one play. They not only have the sound down, but also the whole powerful spirit that was in the best thrash acts of the 80's is obviously in Rezet's music too. That's not to say that there isn't room for improvement because they could be even better if they continue to develop. "Have gun will travel" is an explosive display of real thrash must own for all fans...."


"Traditional Thrash is what Rezet displays from the gutters of the slums. Slamming the faithful with “Red Alert”, “Toxic Avenger”, “Metal Rite”, “Altar of Satan”, “Streamrolling Our Society”, “Have Gun, Will Travel”, “The Last Breath”, “Fallen Angels”, all show that Rezet is a band to stand up and be noted. With catchy hyper speed riffs, angry ripping solos, blasts, blasts and blasts of beats, and a vocals that will scar the posers cought in the cross hairs of “Have Gun, Will Travel”. Rezet will be a chant heard around the world of metal"


"They have not only adopted the 80s thrash sound in an authentical way, they try to place themselves among the genre heroes of the past and they are about to succeed. The album sounds tight, so do the compositions. That comes from the live experience the band gained throughout the last few years. They plugged in and played and even made it to the opening position for AGENT STEEL at one point. Nice references, don't you think? But what else than highest quality do you expect with Richard Wagner as main composer? He calls himself Ricky though, to avoid irritations with his legendary namesake, but he shows the same talent, just in another field of music. If you like your thrashmetal raging and technically experienced, with catchy tunes that should become real anthems one day, you are in the right place. Get it."


"If this music doesn't make you move, you're going to need to turn in your badge because, you, my friend, are out of the club."