Rex Shepherd / Press

“...an infectious, hypnotic vibe that is ever-evolving. This power trio loves to jam." (Review of "Some Music We Made" p. 48)”

"The music is innovative and more than a bit quirky. A bit deranged but totally interesting."

Bruce Von Stiers - Ariel

"No End of Now’s Some Music We Made is absolutely phenomenal. This album is a work of art like the masterpieces that are stored in museums worldwide and, like them, should be studied, analyzed, and, most importantly, enjoyed for time to come."

Brian McKinnon - Muzikreviews.com

"Their album Some Music We Made is an hour trip to a place of musical greatness that has no rival that will leave you hitting the replay button again and again."

Brian McKinnon - Muzikreviews.com

"...they reach deep into their unified creativity, interacting in a way that lifts the music up and raises the level of audience engagement at the same time."

Matthew Warnock - Ariel Publicity

"(They) have a tightly integrated synergy; one that allows them to explore with fearless abandon, giving the listener a sense of purpose, a sense of journey, and yet an utter certainty that nobody is lost. This trio has something too, which few bands can really claim: a wholly unique and original approach, with completely unique ideas from top to bottom. It dares to be outside and experimental; yet is fundamentally as solid and grounded as you can get."

Phil Traynor - www.baybuzz.org