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“Your music is easy to love, cause it's sooo freaking good!! Your sound is stunning, cleverly constructed, killer vocals and catchy as all hell!! Can't wait to see what the future brings your way, this sound definitely needs to reach the greater world audience! Much love and respect from a new Australian fan! -stay creative- :)”

From My Bedroom Project - Reverbnation

“Checking out Apocalypse. I love rockin' female fronted bands. Reminds me of like some Black Sabbath and some Deep Purple. Really cool stuff. It's awesome seeing bands out here keeping the old school alive.-TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT”

The Nonsense Buffer - Reverbnation

“Supremely enjoyable tracks with incredible amounts of energy and verve. Great rock music with just the right amount of punkiness.”

Last day on Earth - Reverbnation

“We fully enjoy a good rock song, and @Rewind_RockBand has delivered! Go to http://www.reverbnation.com/rewindrockband to hear their sick tracks!”

Sick Track Promotion - Twitter

“Killer arrangements — engaging, elevating, with a great sense of tension and resolve. Axes sound excellent; vocals sound wicked. Thanks for sharing — rock on, ye gods of sound.”

Shazdar - Reverbnation

“Fantastic vibe to your joints guys..love the spiky, punky female vocals and the heavy, grind of a tune like "apocalypse" is kickin-ass! Awesome sound!”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“These youngsters look to have what it takes to go far, and are not holding back at all. Can you imagine where these guys will be in the next few years? They could be touring internationally! This is something we at WoodBangers LLC Network hope to see out of these guys.”