Reverend TJ McGlinchey / Press

“Reverend TJ McGlinchey has his musical paws all over the place. He’s in multiple bands, hosts an open mic, is helping to develop some new music social media…and, oh yeah, he officiates at weddings on the side. Last year he got chosen to play the main stage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival because he won a songwriting competition. His wish to play at more folk festivals is coming true with his selection as an Emerging Artist at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.”

"this fella BELIEVES what he’s saying on stage right now, and he’s helping the audience to believe as well. If that’s not what a Reverend intends to do, then I’m not sure what a reverend is."

“TJ McGlinchey writes and performs songs I actually get excited about. How often can anybody say that? His CD, Tell Me To Stay, has me smiling along from start to finish. The songs sound to me like a celebration. Whether evoking a a memory of wayward love or seeking a new love there is a joyous groove going on around the words (give ‘I Wanna Know’ and ‘Hey Baby’ a listen). And a lost love brings out a blues lamentation right out of the 60s-70s era Rock/R&B (check out ‘There Was A Time’ and see if you’re not reminded of the Allmans). ‘Spinning Wheels’ and ‘Little Red Car’ are icing on the cake for listeners. Rollicking joyrides about relationships… and cars. Tell Me To Stay is so much fun to listen to. Excellent stuff here from TJ McGlinchey. Charlie Silvestri host Up Close And Acoustic ”

“You can hear hints of the Guthries (mostly Woody with some Arlo) in Reverend TJ McGlinchey’s music.”