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“NewYork Times Newspapers about the Revolution Records ..”

“Alexandria based rappers Ahmed Rock, Mezo, Rooney Hoodstar, and Amr C-Zar were undeniable ahead of the game when self-titling their crew, “Revolution Records” in 2006. Ahmed Rock told Community Times, “There was only so much we could take with all the ‘Habiby’ (love) music by people like Tamer Hosni – we wanted to create a music revolution against the established commercial industry.” Known for the street-style rap and usage of live instruments while performing, Revolution Records has gained a substantial fan base over the past several years, primarily in Alexandria but also stretching to Cairo and Ismailia. Staying true to the street-pulse origins of hip-hop, Revolution Records breakthrough song, “Kalam Shaware3” (Street Words) foreshadowed the rap infiltration with lyrics like, “Raised and coming up from the street school – the revolution is coming from my heart. We all need a revolution and we are the music revolution.””