Revorum / Press

“...first u started w the setup, the equipment, so professional, then the smoke and lights and then the sound....awesome...this wasn't just a show man...this was an event! You guys truly rock man!”

“Love the face melting guitar!”

Rudy Chase - 97.5 The River

“You guys are awesome. You can play here anytime.”

Shawn Mcleod - Pogue Mahone's

“I knew you guys were good but i had no idea you were great! That kicked ass!”

Dan Drake - The Kiwi

“You guys are AWESOME!”

“Mixing you guys is comparable to taking a vacation. A lot of bands could learn quite a bit about their stage sound from Revorum; there's no reason every band can't have a live sound as clear as their recordings... not to mention their dedication.”

Rob Mang - Best Sound Dude Ever - Pogue Mahone's