“Yo I can't pick a favorite. I LOVE EVERY TRACK!!! For real man. Wont Be Afraid,Priceless, Fire Psalm, Right Side, Where Do I Go, Great Music-much respect!!”


"Throne room" is uncanny!Much energy on that track! keep up the good work fam!! Peace!!!

Product Of The People (Producer)

“LOVE LOVE LOVE......Inspiration at it's BEST!!!”

LEXXI-Watch Me Work Productions

“LyRik - R&B/Soul / Neo-soul / Holy Hip Hop 10/25/2010 7:58 PM Dont STOP!!!! You are a necessity in HIP HOP!! THRONE ROOM, so ILL!!!! ”

Lyrik-Reverbnation Artist

“I thought Where Do I Go was my favorite, but Fire Psalm is PHENOMENAL.....Love it...Gotta get and keep you at number 1...."kill a demon every hour with a prayer shower" Classic!!!!”


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Tate Music Group

“, I’m on the second track and let me tell you...FIRE the music sounds dope so far.”

VTZ-VTZ Beats Afterburn Entertainment

“YOU will make it to the majors from this song PRICELESS!!!!!! WOW!”

djzar.umr@ BIZ-ZAR RAIDO

“THRONE ROOM is another powerful message ready to do work! Is this a track that can be added to the myNewLifeMusic.com e-store? The normal consignment contract is attached. Please reply with your approval and please visit www.myNewLifeMusic.com and Register. May God continue to speak through you and provide you the increase for your obedience. ”

Gerald Peoples JR., aka DJ "G"

“His style embodies longevity in music, and the flows are completely original.”


"The Revolution album ADONAI is a killer record"

Josh Dougan Tate Music Group

"I can not wait to hear more from you, you gonna be big, don't know why your not #1 right now!"

Ms MP3 Revernation Artist