Revolush / Press

“This energetic and unabashedly melodic quartet draws inspiration from classic pop-rock on a CD produced by David Vartanian (Violent Femmes, Talking Heads). There’s an overall vision on “Hoot 1000,” “Ordinary Girl,” and “California Rain” that suggests the band could really connect with new fans via the International Pop Overthrow.”

Music Connection

“The talented Tommy Hahn anchors the raw rock of the musical [RENT] in the role of Roger Davis, an aspiring rock star dealing with AIDS. Hahn has a solid background in theater, but lately he’s been better known as the lead singer of local “indie alternative pop rock” group Revolush.”

“ With a definite British edge and power-pop sensibility, Revolush has become a band to keep your eye on. Guitarist Bill Reuter and vocalist Tommy Hahn create a one-two punch reminiscent of Cheap Trick at their best. Nathan Kilen (drums) and bassist Maxwell Emmet keep it simple yet interesting, providing the perfect backbeat to songs that are screaming for mainstream radio. A catchy melody is the key element, along with tight two-part harmonies which make for hooks that remain in the brain. Their release Crystal Method Actors is a great spin, and the band has produced standout tracks such as "Kings of College Radio" and "California Rain." Live, the band is as good as their record and a sure bet for a night of great original entertainment.”

Shepherd Express

“On "Actors," the quartet serves up luxurious pop, as evident on "Ordinary Girl." The layered vocals of Hahn shine on this one, as he has the ability to harmonize with Reuter's fretwork. On the raucous "Hoot 1000," Revolush reveals they can bring the rock, as well. Reuter's lead work sizzles, and fits perfectly with the foot-stomping chorus. And with "California Rain," Reuter shows why he is the band's principle lyricist and songwriter.”

“I've got a soft spot in my heart for British influenced music. I caught an act recently called Revolush that encompassed all that is Brit. They don't leave it there, though. There's plenty of American '70s influence to be had, as well. Musically, these guys have what it takes to get it done. Influences ranging from Cheap Trick to XTC emerge with a sound that mesmerizes track after track. Guitarist Bill Reuter breezes through catchy hooks as singer Tommy Hahn fronts with a Zander-like presence. It doesn't get any better vocally, with sharp two-part harmonies and Hahn displaying one of the best new voices on the scene. If I were in the record business, I'd sign these guys, dress 'em up in fancy clothes and make a few million parading their asses all over the MTV.”

Lane Klozier - Maximum Ink

“The road to success in the world of pop-based rock is a hard one, but Milwaukee’s Revolush is approaching their goal with the right tools. With influences ranging from Cheap Trick to Elvis Costello, the band uses melody as its cornerstone to create songs that are catchy and fresh. Their new release, Crystal Method Actors, was produced by David Vartanian (Violent Femmes, Talking Heads), whose prowess in the field of pop is legendary. Gushing love songs are complemented by standard power-pop tracks for a release sure to please those with a taste for radio-ready rock.”

Brian Barney - Shepherd Express

“Revolush melds the bluesy, melodic of the late '70s with upbeat tunes reminiscent of Brit-pop pioneers like (pre-Paul Carrack) Squeeze. While this might seem retrogressive, it gives the Milwaukee band a sound unlike many of the homogeneous major-label bands currently clogging the charts. ”

The Onion--Milwaukee edition