Revocation / Press

“Revocation are the best band you've never heard! Absolutely godlike death/thrash.”

Decibel Magazine

“The band's furious second album is an imposing slab that bridges the gap between Slayer-style thrash and Pantera's vicious bounce…simultaneously brawny and brainy.”


“Existence is Futile is one of the year’s most solid and fresh records”


“These are not typical solos, they are guitar god showcases that shock and awe. Existence Is Futile is the complete package.”

Outburn Magazine

“Sometimes a great metal record is just that, one that instantly surges the blood to your face as soon as you hear it, which Revocation easily accomplishes on this spine-sparking record that deserves to be in your collection.”

The Daily News

“ "a whirlwind of methodical metal in its highest form; aggressive, heavy, challenging, melodic and oftentimes, dare I say, fun as fuck to listen to.”

Metal Maniacs

“With such a perfect attack, Existence Is Futile seems destined to usher in—finally—a new breed of extreme metal”


“awesome, in every respect of the word.”


“Bands like Revocation don’t come very often, and when they do it’s something to cherish. There’s shredding a-plenty, riffs galore, groovy Rex Brown-esque bass lines and extremely technical drumming, all wrapped up in songs that simply slay.”